Survival of the Fittest

PHA at Rat Race’s Survival of the Fittest

This weekend, the PHA Media Sport and Leisure team attended the final instalment of Britain’s biggest adventure running series, Men’s Health Survival of the Fittest, which took place in Wembley Park, London. Survival of the Fittest – for those of …

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A Reputation Masterclass with Jennifer Lawrence

This week, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 triumphed at number 1 at the UK box office as lead protagonist Katniss Evergreen captures the world’s admiration again. The third Lionsgate film in the sequel broke records by taking over £12.6million …

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Rule Britannia

Launching a tech start-up… Rule Britannia

From the teenagers creating ‘the next big app’ in their bedroom, to the experienced business professional trading in their job in the city for a stab at being their own boss, new tech companies are popping up with greater regularity …

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Whelan shoots from the lip in football racism row

Dave Whelan is the Nigel Farage of English football: a man living firmly in the past. In Whelan’s world, it is “nothing” to call the Chinese “ch**ks”; Jewish people “do chase money more than anybody else” and his local MP …

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Don't Feed The Trolls

Julien Blanc and Katie Hopkins: Should we Feed the Trolls?

 When Katie Hopkins offered support to ‘controversial pick up artist’ Julien Blanc, according to the Huffington Post, the story surprised no one.  Seeming to cultivate her status as a professional troll, she responded to the polls calling for Blanc to …

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How legal PR can help you protect your reputation

Crisis PR – When it comes to legal cases, how do you handle PR?   Litigation is a fact of business or corporate life – and can represent a reputational PR issue. The very nature of doing business deals, particularly …

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Fight Night Sydney

UFC Fight Night Sydney: 5 reasons why I’ll be GLUED to Fight Pass this weekend…

1) The talking stops For weeks now, UFC fans all over the world have watched on as middleweights Michael Bisping and Luke Rockhold have locked horns. There is certainly no love lost between these two. But come fight night, and …

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Facebook Tor

The Facebook Onion – peeling away at ‘dark social’

The underground internet community is alive and buzzing following Facebook’s announcement this week, saying the social media giant would be allowing users to connect directly to its platform via anonymity network, Tor. From now on, this means users will be …

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Ebola 1

PR lessons: Ebola and Robbie Williams

In the wake of Robbie Williams making a fool of himself in the name of publicity, I can understand why PR doesn’t always have the most reputable name. For those of you who haven’t seen his videos, the footage captures …

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Young Enterprise

Young Enterprise: e-leader for a day

Words by Jui Miah Young Enterprise is an entrepreneurship program that allows young individuals to gain real life experiences to what it is actually like to run your own business. I am a student of Mulberry School for Girls and …

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Trick or Treat

Halloween: Sexy or Scary? The Costume Debate

As the spookiest day of the year approaches, a brief glance through most stores and a peak at online retailers will have us all wondering what we’ll be dressing as this Halloween. Every fashion retailer from Asos to Topshop has …

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top tech recruitment tips

Building your tech team: Five top tips for technology recruitment

Hiring a new employee for any business is never an easy process and something that should not be taken lightly, and the more niche a firm the harder this process can be. There is currently a significant skills gap in …

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