Why I’m not doing the Ice Bucket Challenge

If you’ve managed to avoid all social media, and indeed online media, recently then I congratulate you. If not, your Facebook feed and internet trawling has no doubt been saturated with video of friends and celebs dousing themselves with buckets …

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Charlotte Crosby,pha

Is Charlotte Crosby an example of yo-yo dieting gone too far?

Last week, pictures of Geordie Shore’s Charlotte Crosby were splashed across every weekly magazine.  Working out in a local park and sporting a much slimmer frame than in photographs published just a month earlier, Charlotte was praised for her rapid …

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Keep Calm And Buy A Sony Phone, PHA

Made In Chelsea Product Placement – Effective or Deceptive?

As E4’s reality show Made In Chelsea returns to our TV screens with a NYC spin-off, so does the news that a new character will be joining its elite cast. No, it’s not another young lavish Londonite on the brink …

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Greggs logo

Greggs show the importance of social media during a potential crisis

Twitter and Facebook are the first places many people take to when angry about something these days. Gone are the days of sending angry letters or emails and people have certainly lost faith in customer services over the phone. With …

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PHA Media Social Media

Social Media: Limitless?

The internet is available to almost 3 billion people worldwide (that’s a lot of people) and that number only continues to grow, with help notably from Facebook’s Mark Zuckerburg, a pioneer of social media who has launched a campaign to …

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The Body Coach

My 90 day Body Coach diary

Day ten. Today is day ten of my 90 Day Shift, Shape and Sustain plan, compiled by my new health and fitness guru, Joe Wicks, more commonly known as The Body Coach. The Body Coach is a new client of …

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Robin Williams

‘Sharing’ Grief: How Social Media Has Changed The Way We Mourn

Everyone is an obituary writer these days, says the New York Times, in a poignant statement about the viral reaction to the death of Robin Williams. My first reaction after hearing Robin Williams had died was to grab my phone. …

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Instagram PHA Media

Instakilo: Why Instagram is Gaining Weight

Words by Ben Foreman  In it’s second largest-ever acquisition deal (superseded only by it’s purchase of Whatsapp for $19 billion), Facebook purchased Instagram, along with its 13 employees, for $1 billion in April 2012. Since then, active users have grown from …

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Andy Gray and Richard Keys we're both hammered for their sexist remarks.

‘Banter’ or PR disaster – you decide?

I will be using a word regularly throughout this blog that I have come to despise due to its incessant and at times, rather flippant use but ‘banter’ is frustratingly the best way to describe behaviour without referring to my …

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ancient rome and social media

Why social media is rooted in Ancient Rome: Top five PR tips you can learn from the Romans

Social media has been around for thousands of years but in Ancient Rome its prominent form was books, not Facebook. Books allowed authors to create and share content in real life forums, rather than virtual chatrooms, and the best among …

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The Citizen's Foundation: PHA Media

Babar and Haris’s Lasting Legacy

“Hello David, we are currently sitting on the ground in Pago Pago, American Samoa waiting for slightly favourable winds to launch for Hawaii.  Once in Hawaii, we plan to spend 3 days and then depart for Salinas (Primary) or Monteray …

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Ali's wristband has caused uproar.

Moeen Ali – is it right to ban the bands?

Most of us have worn silicon wristbands at some point. Be it to ‘Make Poverty History’ or with the belief that the blue band of rubber we found in the school playground would automatically help to ‘Beat Bullying’. But today, …

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