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10 companies at IFA 2017 that will transform your daily routine

With 18,000 exhibitors from 70 countries at IFA it’s hard to know where to look first. In challenging situations, we’re often told to take things day by day, so why not apply that approach to identifying companies at IFA? With that in mind, here are ten companies exhibiting at IFA that we think could transform your daily routine from the moment you wake up through to making lunch and getting from A-B safely.

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Holi – Creators of BONJOUR – Rise and shine

BONJOUR is the world’s most advanced artificial intelligence alarm clock. It acts as a personal assistant that can be instructed verbally through its high quality natural voice interaction technology. The smart clock can adjust your wake-up time based on criteria you set, for instance, waking you up later if the weather’s dreary, and will even advise you to get your metaphorical skates on if the traffic’s poor.

Neato Robotics – Creators of Botvac Connected – All play, no work

Neato Robotics design cleaning robots that enable users to spend less time like Cinderella pre-fairy godmother and more time like Cinderella at the ball. Botvac scans for dirt and dust and systematically cleans it away. If you suspect your bot of shirking on the job you can even use the Neato app to see where it has cleaned.

Sgnl – My finger’s ringing, I need to take this

Sgnl may make it look like you’re having an imaginary call to avoid that person you didn’t want to talk to but it’s actually a smart strap that enables you to make calls while your mobile is in your pocket, just by touching your fingertip to your ear. Not only does it transmit the sound but also cuts out background noise for a clearer conversation.

3D QR – If you can see it, you can believe it 

3DQR could be the future for Augmented Reality. It uses QR-Codes to create virtual 3D objects that are directly projected onto your immediate environment. You can then interact with these almost as though they were real. For instance, if you like to try before you buy, testing out different tv’s at your home virtually.

Swan – Creators of the Halogen Oven & Air Fryer – Cooking up a storm

The Halogen Oven & Air Fryer uses less energy to cook food faster than conventional ovens. The oven works by emitting infrared waves that penetrate food and seal in flavour while convection currents ensure even cooking. The oven is even self-cleaning, saving you time and effort.

Wistiki – Hide and seek

Wistiki puts an end to the tiresome game of hide and seek with your keys, phone, and wallet. The Bluetooth trackers can be easily connected to your valuables and located with a ringtone. They only weigh 11g and can be submerged in water meaning you can even attach them to your furry friends’ collars without them even being able to feel the difference.

ComfyLightYour home is a fortress

ComfyLight integrates motion and brightness sensors meaning that when you’re home your lights will automatically turn on and off giving you the Bruce Almighty moments you’ve always dreamed of. When you’re out, ComfyLight will then simulate your movements to make your house look occupied, and if an intruder does enter your home you will be automatically alerted via your mobile.

Velco – Creators of the Wink Bar – Get the wheels in motion

The Wink Bar is a connected handlebar which can easily be installed on any bike. The GPS navigation system enables you to keep your eyes on the road and be guided naturally as well as helping you track your bike if you can’t remember where you parked it. It also comes equipped with powerful headlights that switch on automatically in reaction to the light levels, making your cycle ride a breeze.

Qardio – Creators of Qardiocore – You’re a lifesaver

Qardiocore is the world’s first wireless, wearable ECG tracker. It records over 20 million data points a day, to medical grade, enabling you to effectively track your heart condition, or and optimise your cardio training. The data collected is synched with your smartphone and can then be shared with your doctor if necessary.

Tukuoro – Walk and talk (and capture text)

Tukuoro works by capturing voice input and the intelligently processing it into text in real-time, in any language. It saves time and the tedium of typing so you can literally walk, talk and record textual information.

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