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10 Start-Ups to Watch at TechDay London

This Friday, hundreds of the UK’s hottest start-ups will flood to TechDay London, London’s largest start-up event.

In anticipation of the show, we’ve handpicked our 10 favourite up-and-coming brands, from virtual personal assistants to miniature medical technology.

If you’re a sparky young tech brand heading to TechDay London this week and interested in building your profile, drop us an email – we would love to meet you there!

Hey Jude

Hey Jude understand that as our lives get busier and our lists are getting longer and more demanding, we need a helping hand. The Hey Jude app is the fastest, most affordable hybrid virtual assistant that instantly gets to work ticking off your list, whether it be booking a restaurant, sourcing a trader or tracking down that very specific candle that your mother loves – Jude finds it, quotes it, delivers it and even pays for it on your behalf.


In recent years, health tech has focused predominately on female health issues, but ExSeed is looking to break this trend by creating a pocket size device to test and improve the quality of your sperm.

Looking to empower the 20 per cent of couples that are infertile, the smartphone compatible device allows men to test their sperm quality from the comfort of their own home. Currently available for pre-order, this device will revolutionise the fertility industry.


On a mission to democratise music production for the creative media industry, while rewarding composers along the way, Filmstro is a customisable music library for video and film-makers.

The intuitive software allows creatives to easily customise musical themes, using a roster of highly talented composers from across the globe. Users can control the momentum, depth and power of the tracks to create a soundtrack which matches footage which has already been produced. Bridging the gap between composers and film-makers, Filmstro is definitely one to watch.

The Human Codex

Have you ever wondered what your ancestors will remember about you in 100 years’ time? Well now you can guarantee what they remember with the Human Codex. This start-up is aiming to become the first ever human history record of the people, created by the people, for the people.

Until now, we have relied on family trees to tell us tiny bits of information about our relatives, and THC wants to challenge this by getting everyone to create their own time capsule to immortalise significant life events. While still in concept stage, this company is definitely one to watch.


Created by two young explorers, this travel tech start-up is a pocket guide to the world’s urban jungles. Using machine learning and cognitive , the app gives users tailored travel recommendations, based on individual interests, budgets and free time.

From abandoned railway stations and street art, to cafés and independent bars, the app recommends authentic experiences for travellers tired of visiting ‘the top 10’ tourist sites. Currently available for download in the app store, this is definitely one to try when exploring a new city.


The market is inundated with dating apps to help singletons find their perfect match – taking into account their likes and dislikes, personality traits and locality. However, this matching system has rarely expanded into different sectors and this is exactly what Seakr has now done.

Seakr, currently operating in Berkshire and Surrey, is an online marketplace designed to help you find carers within your community for your loved ones. They take the time and technology to match you or your loved one with a carer to can best suit your needs, as well as personality. They understand that a carer is more of a friend, a companion to listen and share stories with those they care for; the days of impersonal carers are behind us.


Like ExSeed, Anvajo is miniaturising medical testing technology. This portable device enables a blood-analysis laboratory to fit in the palm of your hand.

The Minilab provides immediate quantitative test results for 1 drop of blood, urine, saliva or sperm at the same accuracy as a lab’s analysis. The team are also developing cartridges for infection diagnosis and other applications. The Minilab is planned to launch in 2018, so we’ll be watching it closely!

No Agent

No Agent is solving the age-old problem of property management for landlords. Up until now, landlords have either had to manage the whole process of maintenance, collecting rent and deposits or pay a letting agent to do it for them. No Agent helps landlords find tenants and manage their rental property with ease.

The easy to use platform means that landlords are no longer wasting their own and the tenants’ time and can manage their properties at a professional standard. The app offers landlords a simpler, flexible and cheaper approach to managing the entire process of letting a property.

With experienced heads in PropTech and disruptive technologies such as Chairwoman, Gillian Kent who was previously CEO at, No Agent is a very exciting PropTech disruptor to keep an eye on.


SyndicateRoom connects investors with ambitious small companies looking to grow. Started in 2013, SyndicateRoom was founded by Tom Britton and Gonçalo de Vasconcelos, a serial entrepreneur, and has rapidly grown to have more than 100 businesses on its books. The platform has won the Best Investment Platform award at the Growth Investor Awards two years in a row.

Allowing their investors to invest in companies from private funding rounds to pre-IPO’s to IPO’s, SyndicateRoom offers a transparent service to help angel investors support growing businesses with cash but also expertise, experience and a network of contacts.

On SyndicateRoom, business angels will also negotiate a fair valuation and ensure they have favourable terms before they invest their own money in a deal. This is unlike other equity crowdfunding platforms where the entrepreneur often provides a valuation.

Central Working

Central Working know that young businesses today need more than just an office space. They need the right support, connections, infrastructure and tools for success – and every company’s needs are different.

So Central Working has created a personalised ‘greenhouse’ for small businesses, providing not just an array of tailored workspace options, but all the other ingredients for your company’s specific recipe for success. For example, Central Working offers access to thousands of suppliers, clients and investors and a genuine support network of other new entrepreneurs.

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