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2.8 Hours Later kicks off in Cardiff


Image Courtesy of SlingShot Effect,

Image Courtesy of SlingShot Effect,

2.8 Hours Later descended on Cardiff over the weekend, kicking off its much anticipated UK tour. The weather was bleak, wet, cold and foggy…. perfect for a zombie apocalypse!

In Cardiff the game begins on an industrial estate teaming with empty warehouses, large car parks and pot holed roads. Creaks emanated from each derelict building; the ideal location to instil fear into the hearts of even the bravest of survivors.

As the crowds began to arrive the excitement in the air was palpable. Some were prepared with a game plan and others were seriously beginning to regret their decision to put themselves through the unavoidable and oncoming fear.

The car park filled up with 485 people, the capacity for each 2.8 Hours Later event in the city. Many arrived in fancy dress – decontamination outfits, army gear, slashed and bloodied T-shirts – which demonstrated the anticipation of the game’s arrival to Cardiff.

This year’s game from 2.8 Hours Later is called Survival. The aim is to hack in to Government systems located throughout the route to find the much needed water supply and return to the asylum with it. Survival picks up from last year’s game, which saw participants safely arrive at the asylum. Now, though, they are out of much needed reserves and have no choice but to return to the desolated city to retrieve them.


Image Courtesy of Wntrmute,

Image Courtesy of Wntrmute,

From the very beginning, before you’ve even left the warehouse, the first task gets underway. Participants must crack the first system, leading them to the next.

Once out of the warehouse doors you’re told to RUN……And run people did. In small groups you navigate your way in the dark of the night, winding through the city streets, over fields and underneath the iconic Cardiff Stadium. Without giving too much away….. be prepared to encounter riot police and the “death zone” – just a couple of examples of what the game entails.

Water is the objective here, so bottles must be picked up en route and filled up at another location. Returning without one isn’t an option.

Although players start off as a team and make heart felt promises never to leave a man behind, this soon goes out the window as the weak are sacrificed or left screaming on the floor, too scared to move. It’s dog eat dog and only the fastest, quickest and most fearless will survive to tell the tale.

If caught by a zombie – don’t worry they don’t actually eat you – they will “infect” you with a UV pen and send you on your way to complete the route.

My advice would be to not waste vital energy screaming, just run!

After the circuit is complete and the players have successfully navigated their way around the city, they finish up where it all started. Participants are then lead through the infection scanner filled with UV light to ascertain whether they’ve been “bitten” or not. Infected players are quickly transformed in to zombies in anticipation of the zombie disco.


Although a zombie disco isn’t something you’d naturally associate with the end of the world, it’s a great way to end a fantastic, adrenaline filled evening so people’s heart rates can come down and they can return to reality.

2.8 Hours Later will be continuing its UK tour in London, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Manchester, Glasgow and Sheffield before returning to London for the Halloween events.

To book your tickets to 2.8 Hours Later, go to but be quick…..they’re going fast!

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