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2.8 Hours Later. The apocalypse is coming…where will you hide?


Image Courtesy of SlingShot Effect,

Image Courtesy of SlingShot Effect,

The PHA Sport and Leisure team has recently been given the pleasure of working with 2.8 Hours Later; an award winning adrenaline filled, cross-city urban chase game.

2.8 Hours Later is the ideal recreational activity for thrill seekers and those looking for something a bit novel to sink their teeth into. No pun intended.

2.8 Hours Later first launched in 2010. Since then the concept has toured each year across the UK. The event has a huge following, so much so that the Cardiff games have already sold out after news of its arrival hit the newsstands. (You can read what Walesonline said about 2.8 Hours Later here: )

This year’s version of the game is called ‘Survival’. It follows on from last year with a totally original and multi linear storyline. Participants will start in the safety of the asylum – which is where the game left off in 2013 – and are tasked with re-entering the infested city to hunt for supplies.

Participants are taken through an immersive narrative, in which every decision they make has a direct impact on how they personally experience the game. As the players run through the darkening city streets, (games take place in the evenings for added effect) navigating their way to each different check point, they come across blood thirsty zombies who are out to kill the remaining humans living in their apocalyptic world.

If you are unlucky enough to have been caught by a zombie, instead of eating your brains out, they will mark you with a UV pen. However, not all the UV pens work so you will only find out if you have been ‘infected’ at the end of the game when you are scanned under a UV light. If you are, you will be transformed into a zombie by the onsite make-up artist.

Of course, the zombies aren’t real; they haven’t been grown in a laboratory and let loose on the streets specifically for 2.8 Hours Later. They are, in fact, very convincing actors who manage to instil incredible levels of fear in anyone who is unfortunate enough to stumble upon one.

Each zombie has its own character, which makes them even more distressing. Some people have even been known to wet themselves out of shear fear when cornered by the living dead. This makes me nervous as my colleagues and I will be taking part in the upcoming London games. I’m not the most courageous person at the best of times, so am already worried about letting my fellow survivors down when I inevitably fall on the floor and surrender to the onslaught of zombies, choosing to become a flesh eater rather than a survivor. (Let’s just hope I’m not the unfortunate pants wetter on this occasion).

To put your minds at ease, it’s not all gore and terror. When everyone has made it back to the asylum the game isn’t over. A zombie disco is held and zombies and humans can party the night away in harmony.


Not for the faint hearted, this street game is designed to get the heart pounding and the adrenaline running.

2.8 Hours Later will be touring London, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Manchester, Glasgow and Sheffield.
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Why not take part?

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