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2012….the year that changed the face of British sport.

2012....the year that changed the face of British sport.

2012. The year when sport moved from being something that the majority of us would dip casually in and out of on a lazy Sunday afternoon, to becoming something that we all joined together to follow, to enjoy and feel a part of.

Last year sport became the thing we looked forward to coming home to, to watch. It was the first topic of conversation over breakfast and the reason we stayed up late on a school night. It made us jump up and down, cry with laughter, cry with sadness and laugh out loud. Suddenly sport meant more than a Saturday afternoon football match; it meant watching women in boats with strange paddles, men doing funny straddles on ‘pommel horses’ (whatever they are) and people somersaulting through the air and plunging themselves into water….and not just for the fun of it.

And while the legacy of London 2012 will remain for years to come, there are many other sporting moments that have peppered the news agenda over the past twelve months; moments that will go down in history as some of the greatest sporting seconds of all time.

So before we prepare for the year ahead, here are just a handful of our ultimate sporting moments from 2012……

Undoubtedly it was Liverpool winning the League Cup last April
Undoubtedly it was Liverpool winning the League Cup last April. A moving day and victory for all football fans….Followed by Mo winning the 5000 metres. Kind of sad because you knew it was all coming to an end. Also, Chris Hoy’s final gold for sheer excitement. Ciaran McCale
Super Saturday at the Olympics with Jessica Ennis, Greg Rutherford and Mo Farrah
 I imagine this is the same for everyone but my sporting highlight was Super Saturday at the Olympics with Jessica Ennis, Greg Rutherford and Mo Farrah winning three Olympics Golds in the space of an hour.  I personally was almost crying. Thomas Inskip

Mo Farah's 5000 metre win

I  would actually say I preferred Mo Farah’s 5000 metre win, probably mainly because I was out for dinner on Super Saturday and had to watch the action on my Dad’s iphone, but also because Mo’s performance in the 5k was so fricking awesome. The last lap was masterful. Every time it looked like he could be in the slightest danger, he dug that little bit deeper and found some extra energy to kick that little bit harder. On the home straight when Dejen Gebremeskel, the fastest man over 5k last year, launched a late, concerted attack, you could almost see Mo thinking ‘no chance mate’, and off he went again, extending his lead right up to the finish line. Oh it was magical. Like Tom, my emotions nearly got the better of me. Katie Matthews

The Miracle of Medinah

The Miracle of Medinah – coming back from 10-6 down to enjoy what was, for me, the greatest Ryder Cup victory of all time. That fifth consecutive birdie from Poulter on the Saturday evening was when everything changed. To silence the crowds and laugh in the face of a thousand “Major winner, major winner” arrogant chants was the icing on the cake and a moment I will never forget. England breaking records and putting in one of the greatest performances in history to take victory over the All Blacks comes a close second for me. The moment was even sweeter because it came under the watch of Stuart Lancaster, who put his trust in a team that was deemed too young, too inexperienced and all too ill-disciplined by so many. What a way to silence the critics! Sarah Taylor

The greatest night in the history of Chelsea football club

The greatest night in the history of Chelsea football club- finally winning the champions league after years of trying (and in the manner in which we did it). Losing with 10 minutes to go, Drogba scores a bullet header with the last kick of the game to equalise.  Then we go on to win on penalties after heroics from Cech. A truly amazing moment and definitely the best sporting moment of 2012. Dan Apostolos

Andy Murray beat Federer at the Olympics

In my opinion the best sporting moment was when Andy Murray beat Federer at the Olympics to win Gold. After his gut wrenching defeat at Wimbledon it was an incredible way to come back… and of course he went on to win his first Grand Slam at the US open. That certainly tugged on my heart strings! Freya Leete

So those were our favourites. Now tell us yours by tweeting us @PHA_Sport. Now bring on 2013!


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