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3 tips to help beat Facebook’s algorithm


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Courtesy of Sean MacEntee,

Remember when Facebook kindly tailored our news feeds to show information that we’d actually be interested in, like a best friends status, or an album of holiday pictures that would make us go on a diet the next day or visit in a matter of clicks.

This lasted all of a few months – now our feeds are clogged up with sponsored posts for businesses we’ve never heard of, or intend to buy from…

Facebook is evolving and not necessarily in a good way. Through post visibility, it is now increasingly difficult for the average small business or start-up page to grow a community organically.

Can you beat the algorithm and improve Facebook engagement without resulting to paid-for advertising?

The answer is yes in my opinion, and here are 3 tips to get you started…

  1. Integrate your social channels and content

If something works on Pinterest, vine or Instagram then share this on Facebook too. In the past, we have pigeon holed content according to its medium; a food picture goes on Instagram, a call to action goes on Facebook and so on but the digital space is a multi-channel arena, therefore the strongest strategy is an integrated one – get sharing.

  1. Great Content and Timing

Have faith in great content, regardless of any algorithm. YouTube is a good example of this – those animal videos we love to watch and share are not paid for, their success is down to luck and timing… and a bit of thinking outside the box. Through Facebook insights, get to know your audience, when they’re online and what they like to share –  your content strategy should then be driven by these points. By posting at times when people read and click on articles, your page will receive better levels of engagement.

  1. Get your staff involved

This is something we encourage at PHA Media, as beefing up staff engagement across social media will only help to generate further likes and shares. Facebook does not hide personal updates so the more of them the better. If you have a team of 50, this means that you could have 50 unique updates about your business – quick, send a staff email now!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on Facebook’s Algorithm – let me know them in the comments section.

Hayley x


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