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5 Male Influencers to Look out for in 2018

1. Luke Worthington – Instagram: @lukewtraining

As a former Rugby Union and Rugby League professional, as well as a previous World Endurance Rowing record holder, Luke Worthington certainly boasts a credible CV and has emerged as one of the fitness influencers to follow in recent years. Luke, who is a personal trainer at one of London’s Third Space gyms, has worked alongside world leading coaches and medical professionals and specialises in working with injured athletes. He was also recently cited as being one of the top 20 male Instagram influencers by the London Evening Standard.

Why we love him: His website is easy to navigate, pleasing on the eye and gives off the impression you’ll get a very professional service. 

Image courtesy of @lukewtraining

Image courtesy of @lukewtraining

2. Faisal (Mr PMA) – Instagram: @faisalpmafitness

Mr PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) Faisal Abdalla has earnt a name for himself as one of the most confident and enthusiastic personal trainers around. Faisal’s a master trainer at Barry’s Bootcamp, a strength and cardio interval training workout that has studios across the world in places such as London, New York and Toronto. As well as his work at Barry’s Bootcamps, he’s also an official Nike trainer who regularly coaches huge crowds of women at Nike’s women events in the capital.

Why we love him: Faisal embodies the sometimes-forgotten side of health and fitness – mentality!

Image courtesy of @faisalpmafitness

Image courtesy of @faisalpmafitness

3. London Fitness Guy – Instagram: @london_fitness_guy

London Fitness Guy aka James Stirling believes that everyone should have a balanced lifestyle, where fun should never be sacrificed and his training routines are adaptable for the everyday person.  Having completed his personal training qualifications with Fulham FC he quickly became a FitBit ambassador and works with X-Factor finalists and Made in Chelsea stars regularly. He also runs weekly HIIT classes at ONE LDN on Sunday mornings.

Why we love him: His belief in maintaining balance and fun in your life alongside physical activity speaks to the everyday person.

Image courtesy of @london_fitness_guy

Image courtesy of @london_fitness_guy

4. Callum Melly – Instagram: @callummelly

Body In 8 founder and personal trainer Callum Melly is on a mission to educate people worldwide about how to enjoy an active, healthy and balanced lifestyle. The BODY IN 8 programme aims to transform any body in just eight weeks and is regarded as one of the best virtual personal trainer platforms around that is perfect for anyone, regardless of their sex, age or fitness ability.

Why we love him: As a published writer and columnist Callum’s blogs and articles are always a brilliant and informative read.

Image courtesy of @callummelly

Image courtesy of @callummelly

5. Mathew Lewis-Carter- Instagram: @matthewlcarter

Mathew Lewis-Carter is one half of the Couple Bible alongside his partner and Instagram sensation Chessie King. Despite being born with diabetes, Mathew was nominated by Optimum Nutrition for personal trainer of the year in 2015 and is quickly gathering followers on social media channels. Aside from working on the Couple Bible with his partner, Mathew also has his own blog that adds humour to an otherwise serious fitness industry.

Why we love him: His blog is hilarious, with funny imagery and appropriate memes to accompany his posts.

Image courtesy of @mathewlcarter

Image courtesy of @mathewlcarter

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