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6 Best Bike Gadgets for #BikeWeekUK

This week hailed an extraordinary confirmation that Apple are working on driverless cars. But with all the focus on smart cars, let’s not forget about the wealth of tech making two-wheeled vehicles intelligent too.

Bike tech is booming, and as a gloriously sunny National Bike Week draws to a close this weekend, we’re rounding up our favourite smart cycling technology and innovative designs.


After two hugely successful crowdfunding rounds, Morpher is definitely one to watch. Morpher is the world’s first helmet which folds flat – just as safe as usual helmets but far more convenient for commuters. The company’s central aim is improving cyclist safety – its founder Jeffrey Woolf OBE created the brand after finding that 83% of cyclists don’t wear a helmet because they are too cumbersome to carry. It’s also great to see that most of the helmet’s components are recyclable, adding extra green credentials to a company which is already encouraging more commuters to choose cycling. And don’t just take our word for it – Andy Murray has recently backed the company too.


See.Sense is an innovative cycling tech company, pioneering intelligent bike lights in a mission to enhance the safety, performance and enjoyment of cycling. What’s fascinating about this brand is that it is collating data from their gadgets to help councils improve the state of Britain’s roads – meaning users are ultimately helping improve the roads they’re cycling on.


Blaze has truly reimagined bike lights with their pioneering Laserlight, which projects a bright image of a bike onto the road 6 metres in front of the cyclist, improving their visibility to cars, HGVs and other road users. The light has had fantastic reception from bike share schemes, including Transport for London’s ‘Boris Bikes’, as well as Motivate and Citi Bike New York, to encourage cyclist safety.


Beeline is all about making cycling simpler and therefore more attractive to novices. Its gadget is a smart compass: rather than giving riders lots of distracting instructions, the compass simply points in the direction of your destination or next waypoint, so cyclists can choose their own path. Simple and beautiful.


Another clever reimagining of the humble bike helmet: Lumos is a smart bike helmet, integrating lights, hard brake and turn signals to improve safety and visibility. The bright left and right turn signals are activated via a wireless remote on cyclists’ handlebars. The Lumos helmet also senses when you are sharply braking and automatically turns the rear lights red. It’s one of those ‘why didn’t I think of that?’ ideas and one which has won countless cycling and design awards, including from the London Design Museum.


Spinetics creates eco-friendly cycling accessories, with a mission to help drive a cultural shift towards a healthier and more environmentally aware society, by helping make cycling a more convenient option for commuting and leisure. Its first gadget, Cydekick, converts a cyclist’s motion into electricity, which charges their smartphones and other electronic devices. The company also donates 3% of all profit to cancer research initiatives.


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