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A Day In The Life

Fashion is one of the many industries shrouded in mystery, and the Fashion and Lifestyle PR business is no exception. Beset by stories, gossip and falsehoods the career of a fashion PR is a furtive one, and simultaneously one of the most sought-after jobs out there. In truth it’s not all glitz, glamour, parties and free samples. It’s tight deadlines, tricky situations, sometimes long hours and arthritic fingers. In spite of this, the reason fashion PR is one of the most competitive industries and sought after occupations is because… It’s awesome!

I guarantee that if you ask any fashion and lifestyle PR if they enjoy their job, the resounding response will be ‘I bloomin’ love it!’ Although expect some differentiations when it comes to the expletive. Just take a look at the answers to ‘What’s your favourite thing about Fashion and Lifestyle PR?’ in our Q&As for a glimpse at how much we enjoy ourselves. The aim of this post is to give a truthful account of a ‘day in the life’. And show you what makes this industry and PHA Media buzzzzzzz.

06:40: Alarm. Anyone with a blackberry will know the dreaded sound of the ‘Antelope’ tune (*shudder*). This will then go on snooze for as long as realistically possible.

06:50 Get Up. The getting ready regime – including washing, moisturising, hair styling etc…

07:10 Get dressed. No we don’t all have a wardrobe full of DVF (although I know that Dani does have a rather gorgeous mac). In the office we are mostly wearers of Whistles, Cos, Zara, TopShop and H&M. Of course, we’re choosey when it comes to our outfits, but we’re all about pairing high street essentials with stand-out designer items (see Lizzie in ‘What We’re Wearing’ Vivienne Westwood necklace, H&M knit and skirt, New Look boots).

08:20: Breakfast with a paper.

08:30 Start work by responding to e-mails. From 08:30 to around 10:00 is ‘Rush Hour’. In this time we’re emailing, sending press cutting and coverage to clients, checking online news / fashion portals, responding to news stories, and sending out urgent samples.

10:00 Tea run.

10:15 Sell-In. This often involves reacting to the news agenda, selling in a story, or alerting contacts to a launch or event. A lot of telephone calls and e-mails.

11:15 Write and distribute press releases / e-alerts. This could be a product based release, aligning our clients with the latest trends, and giving out their expert comments.

12:00 Client meeting – to discuss the previous month’s activity, campaigns moving forward, or particular projects, collaborations, events and so on…

13:30 Lunch. Working on Wardour Street means that we are spoilt for choice when it comes to luxury eateries and lunch-time treats.

14:00 Desk visit. We each try to visit a desk (hopefully with an editor behind it) once a week, taking samples and sometime s even gifts. Often they’re just a hop-skip-and-a-jump away at Vogue House, Hearst or Endeavour House. But it’s always nice to go a little further afield.

15:00 Catch up with e-mails

15:30 Sample send out. We like to keep all of our samples in-house, so that we can send out for any urgent call-ins, show journalists that visit our showroom, and to have fun playing with occasionally.

16:00 Update blog / website / Twitter page. We’re social media fanatics in this team, so we love updating our various pages.

16:30 Tea run.

17:00 Case study phone call and write up notes. Our contacts love a case study story, and they work particularly well with our weight-loss clients. It’s nice to speak to people that feel so positively about our clients – they are the best advocates!

17:30 End of the day.

17:35 Gym. It would be misleading to claim that we all go to the gym every single day, but the majority of us do try our very hardest to do some form of regular work-out.

19:00 Dinner. We have some exceptionally good cooks in the team – dinners are a big deal!

20:00 Catch up on TV. Our work transcends the office – we’re working even when we don’t realise it. Looking for client opportunities / thinking about ideas even when we’re watching our favourite programmes – which in this department (fairly predictably) include TOWIE, MIC, Gossip Girl, Britain’s Next Top Model…

22:00 In bed with a book – we’re BIG fans of the Kindle.

So, there you have it! The truth about a normal day in Fashion PR! Perhaps the glitz and glamour comes from the fact that on any given day we could be managing a store opening, styling a photo shoot, organising a press day, getting first-hand experience on client fitness programmes, attending tastings for new products, attending a celebrity / journalist consultation, pitching to new clients, undertaking professional training, getting involved in a team-building exercise, managing a launch event, supporting our brand backstage at a LFW show, monitoring a giant PR stunt, attending a designer event, viewing new collections… (more on this to follow shortly). Very glitz! Very glamour!

Oh, alright then! The stories, the gossip, the rumours are all true – it’s glitz, glamour, parties and free samples. But it’s the rest of the hard work and the buzz of the day-to-day activity that makes this job so… ‘fabulous, darling!’

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  1. Sounds amazing! Love the variety of your days and its really interesting to hear what you get up to. Loving the blog so far! x

  2. This just makes me want to work in Fashion PR even more. Good to know its not glitz and glamour ALL the time… just most the time 🙂 Really loving the blog girls! xx

  3. This sounds a lot more interesting than my job!! Love how ‘tea run’ is scheduled in also, no office would be complete without at least a few runs!!xx

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