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A different kind of daily? The New Day launches in a challenging era for print news

The New Day – the new daily newspaper from Trinity Mirror launched yesterday – an attractive, eye catching debut to the newsstand with a sky blue masthead and poster style image-led design.

Aware of the public detachment from print news, the paper has acknowledged that this ‘can’t be another newspaper – it has to be the new type of newspaper’. Of course, it would be strange to not recognise the fact that the New Day is launching in the same month that The Independent ceases its print edition due to a decline in circulation, moving exclusively online.

The New Day is the first new national newspaper for more than 30 years.

The New Day is the first new national newspaper for more than 30 years.

The imminent closure of the Indy’s print version has posed many sceptics to wonder why anybody would possibly launch a new daily paper when its long-standing counterparts are struggling to avoid the shift to digital journalism but not only are the brave lot at New Day launching a new style of paper but they are also snubbing an online version.

The new newspaper claims to be different, and they’re not wrong. The paper has forgotten a lot of the ‘journalism norms’ doing things their own way which even includes the move of the sports pages from the back of the paper to the middle. Most notably I think, is the cheerful tone which resonates through the entire forty pages following New Day’s mission statement to ‘have good news, not just bad – like life’. The editorial team also have no political stance, and as they put it themselves: ‘we’ll give you both sides of the argument and let you make up your own mind’ which includes various different opinion pieces with arguments on both sides.

There is a huge focus on images and human interest stories including the front page story for the day about Adian and his ‘stolen childhood’ – talking directly to the readers: ‘This is Aidan. He’s five and looks after his mum…But who is looking after him?’ and later on a story about childhood bullying titled ‘Would you help a child being bullied?’ This style is very similar to that of a women’s magazine, which confirms who the team at New Day are trying to target.

Another point worth noting is the advertising, or the lack of, which is refreshing to see but at a low market price, one has to wonder how long this will continue. The paper will be 25p from today for its first two weeks and 50p thereafter – 10p more expensive than ‘i’.

The newspaper will of course be going head to head with ‘i’ – who was until now the only newspaper to offer condensed and succinct news in snippet style. The new competition spurred the Indy’s sister title to claim on their front page yesterday that they will remain ‘Britain’s only concise quality newspaper’.

Only time will tell how successful New Day will be in our ever changing media landscape but either way, they have to be commended for their brave and fresh approach to journalism in a challenging market.

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