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A Picture Really is Worth a Thousand Words…..

People are visual creatures, we like things that are colourful and images that grab our attention.  As far as social media is concerned, the use of quality images will help to increase numbers and create further engagement about a brand.

In short, it only takes a split second to look at an image, versus a few to read a summary.  Pictures are more likely to get ‘liked’ quicker.  Therefore, it makes perfect sense to incorporate plenty images into your social media strategy.

A good image can be shared easily and has the potential to be spread to thousands, and across a variety of social media platforms- including recent social media phenomenon, Pinterest. A site that has been created solely for photo-sharing.

Visual content draws people in, allowing followers to better understand a brand’s identity.  Coca Cola is an example of a brand that frequently uses images to communicate to their fan base, thus allowing their key message to ‘go viral’.


Image turns into content

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 12.45.02

The new Facebook timeline provides brands with the perfect opportunity to share the company history visually- like Coca Cola has continued to do so, with their social media campaign below:

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 12.45.18


The use of the timeline allows followers to see the story behind the brand, giving it more of a personality in which people can relate to- quite fitting, the marketing slogan for the new timeline has quickly become “humanise the brand”.

Timeline is much more image focused than the earlier brand pages, so get snappy happy!  Show fans what goes on behind the scenes- sketches, recipes and projects always make for discussion- particularly food pictures, which tend to make mouths water and increase ‘likes’.  Cadbury is a great example of brand that gets mouths watering, particularly during the dangerous ‘afternoon slump’ period.

This emphasis on photo-sharing and ‘humanising the brand will, ultimately help to leverage the power of photo sharing within the community, a community who are potentially going to be advocates for the brand.  After all, word of mouth is the most powerful form of marketing.



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  1. I completely agree! I always scroll through articles and skip to the pictures, hardly stopping to read the content. It’s really interesting how brands like Facebook and Pinterest are utilizing this – I think it shows that our attention spans are getting shorter (as well as the free time we have to browse sites) and that we only want content to see content that’s interesting and visually appealing!

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