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Adidas won’t stop now

[youtubeimage video=vWMySZa0TzQ]

Sadly, this Sunday saw the close of the 2 week London Olympic triumph. The London 2012 Olympic Games has kept us glued to screens across the country. And to celebrate this triumph Adidas, the  clothing brand responsible for the kit of Team GB, released a 2.5 minute video clip. Team GB athletes mime, dance, and generally lark-about to Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now.

From a PR perspective the video is fantastic and is guaranteed to go viral! With Teams GB’s accomplishments still at the front of everyone’s minds, the video is bound to be watched by thousands and shared via social media channels across the globe. With most people experiencing a severe case of Olympic nostalgia, Adidas picked the perfect time to release it.

Nick Cragg, Adidas’ UK marketing director said, “London 2012 will be remembered as the best Olympic games ever and this is a celebration of Adidas’ Take the Stage campaign and the amazing achievement Team GB athletes have accomplished”.

Who better to start the star studded video than the nations hero and heart throb, David Beckham? He is then followed by the myriad of medallists rocking out, in their Stella McCartney designed Adidas kits including Jessica Ennis, Louis Smith, Victoria Pendleton and Chris Hoy.

Hashtags have recently become a really big part of marketing campaigns, particularly for Olympic partners. British Airways – #HomeAdvantage, P&G – #ThankYouMum. And now replacing the #takethestage hash tag (and Adidas’ adopted slogan for the games), the video clip concludes with #stagetaken.

Adidas has really set a benchmark for a fantastic Olympic marketing campaign for a digital age!

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