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Admit it

Admit it.

At least once in your life you have had a pretend phone conversation to avoid speaking to somebody.

In my experience (not that I’m an expert…) this achieves a brief moment of feeling proud that your plan worked. Quickly followed by embarrassment at the ridiculous conversation you just had with yourself.  Not to mention the nerve wrenching 30 seconds during which you are hoping that you don’t receive a real phone call that would be sure to blow your cover!

We’re not alone.

Some would think that this labouring way to avoid communication would be too much stress for what it’s worth. However, a study has found that a 1/3 of young adults think quite the opposite, happily having a pretend conversation to avoid real human interaction. Exemplifying just how reliant we – as a society – have become on technology.

Technology is developed constantly and has led way to some great inventions that enable us to do great things. Social media alone has improved conversations between brand and consumer, closed the gap between celebrities and their fans and connected people globally. It has even been predicted that by 2014 we will be making all purchases through our mobile phones!

But, there is a line. And I fear we may have crossed it. This is evident when we text or e-mail someone sitting next to us, check Facebook like it’s the morning paper and haven’t played ‘Texas Hold ‘em up Poker’ with real people since the purchase of our smartphone.

I will be the first to admit that when my phone isn’t in reaching distance I panic, and honestly can’t explain why. Human beings are social, and technology is meant to be used to enhance our social networks not hinder them.




  1. I think that technology has helped advance communication across the globe….you’re right though, texting or FBing someone sitting right next to you is def. taking it too far. I suppose tech everything has made us very lazy as communicating takes effort. A smile or I suppose a grimace in some cases, gestures perhaps even pretence at being pleasant when you really don’t feel like it. Texting can hide it all and yet get the message across. I think the reality is that we now only need to communicate with those that we choose to, we can ignore those that we don’t, historically (pre tech days) this wasn’t as simple to do……

  2. A great observation. We agree, technology and social media in particular are very advantageous to communication. Laziness, however, must be avoided!

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