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And they’re off…Royal Ascot

Image Courtesy of Frank Johnston,

Image Courtesy of Frank Johnston,

This weekend I donned my best attire and headed to Royal Ascot for a day of fashion spotting, horse racing and picnicking with a group of girlfriends.

This was my first time at Ascot and having seen all of the pictures over the years of the weird and wonderful outfits people seem to  throw together I was looking forward to spotting a few eye openers throughout the day! (I promised the team I wouldn’t let them down and made sure I didn’t end up on the Daily Mail’s worst dressed list!)

Arriving at London Waterloo on Saturday morning, the fashion parade was well and truely underway. There was a real case of the good, the bad and the ugly when it came to some outfits.  I’m not really sure what goes through people’s minds when they chose some of their outfits for a day like this, particularly with this year with tight dress code!

Whilst most had made the effort to dress stylishly, there were a few fashion faux pas along the way that wouldn’t have looked out of place on My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding (the image of two women in matching blue sequinned skin tight jumpsuits leaving little to the imagination will be forever etched on my mind!)

After a horrific 50minute train journey (think the tube in rush hour for the whole journey with no one getting off the train and more just trying to join!) we finally made it to Ascot in one piece and somehow still managed to look as glam as we did at the start of the journey – tip for next year girls, make sure you chose a dress that doesn’t easily crease and chose a hat that can be removed on the train (if needs be) without messing up the hair!

As we made our way into the grounds we spotted a few more fashion disasters in the form of old bridesmaid dresses that definitely should have been left in the wardrobe but I have to say on the whole our fellow racegoers in the Silver Ring had really made an effort. Even though the guidelines were only for the Royal Enclosure and Grandstand ticket holders, us “commoners” in the Silver Ring know how to scrub up well! Some of my favourite outfits from the day came in the form of vintage inspired looks with vintage hats with short netted veils and elegant knee length dresses.

After alot of deliberation over my outfit I have to say I was pleased with my overall look. I chose a pale lemon peplum dress from Closet with a neon pink H&M blazer, a pink and glitter clutch and nude heels all topped off with a big fascinator kindly lent to me by the lovely Caroline Burr.

All in all the day was fabulous! The weather wasn’t too against us and luck was on my side in a few of the races! If you fancy a great day out with friends, I would definitely recommend a trip to Ascot. We booked the cheaper tickets and took our own picnic and fizz and some of us even made our money back on the horses. I’m already planning next year’s outfit and I may even brave a more extravagant hat!

A day at the races..

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