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Ann Summers’ Cheeky New Release

Our lovely client Ann Summers has released a new vid this week following the life of patient Natalie as she prepares to undergo a revolutionary new non-invasive bum-lift procedure however; all is not what it seems…

Ann Summers created the video to highlight the fabulous procedure, aimed at real women, and designed to give confidence to those who are insecure about their bum shape.

Dr J. James, who stumbled upon the procedure during a routine operation, said ‘In the age of ‘Kim Kardashian’ bum envy it’s fantastic that there is finally a solution out there for the millions of women who dream of a curvier derriere. The beauty of this procedure is it’s not expensive and you can be in and out on the same day’.

To learn more about the procedure you can check out the following video ‘Diary of a Bum Lift’:

[youtubeimage video=vMR7pA01ZKU]


Ann Summers Cheeky Release

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