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Another week, another collaboration – Michelle Keegan for Lipsy

Former Coronation Street star Michelle Keegan recently unveiled her first collection with Lipsy, something she claims is a ‘dream come true’.  Michelle may have a legion of fans queueing up to copy her style, but does her collection have what it takes to stand the test of time in a market which surely must have a shelf life?

Image Courtesy of simon Harrison, flickr. com

Image Courtesy of simon Harrison, flickr. com

Ever since the launch of reality TV shows, such as The Only Way Is Essex, catapulted ordinary people to fame, it has been easier than ever to emulate the latest looks sported by those we watch on our TV screens.  As these stars stepped out in purse-friendly versions of the latest trends, it taught us that we could have a slice of the celebrity lifestyle for a fraction of the price.

However, even more recently, there has been a growing trend of celebrity collaborations and boutiques.  In fact it’s hard to point to a C-list celeb these days who hasn’t put their name to a clothing line, perfume or something of the sort. But is the name on the tag all that makes these clothes appealing, and when their celebrity status dries up, will the sales of their collections go the same way?

My opinion is yes.  They have made it easier than ever for fans to copy their style exactly, while profiting from it themselves, and while they are on our screens every night and continue to occupy column inches on the Mail Online, our fascination with these celebrities will remain.  However, as soon as their time in the public eye is up, surely our interest in what they are wearing will be too?  When the name on the tag is no longer associated with a ‘celebrity’ and all that comes with that connotation, I don’t believe that the quality and designs of these clothes are good enough to compete with the much loved British High Street.

Image Courtesy of Lou Habash, flickr. com

Image Courtesy of Lou Habash, flickr. com

Only time will tell whether Michelle’s collection will be a success, but I have a feeling that she will continue to keep herself in the limelight for the time being…

What do you think?

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