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Attention All Chocoholics

Image Courtesy of Lesya Dolyk,

Image Courtesy of Lesya Dolyk,

With Easter just round the corner chocoholics from all over the world will be pleased to hear the results of a recent study which found that eating more chocolate can in fact help you keep thin.

Scientists found that although chocolate does contain a higher amount of calories than other foods, those that eat it more regularly have a lower BMI (body mass index) than those that don’t. The researchers suggested that the calories in chocolate are not ‘normal’ and they are in fact ‘neutral’ as the ingredients appear to speed up your metabolism, meaning it works harder and burns the calories that would have otherwise stayed around.

This news comes a month after it was revealed that eating chocolate cake and other sweet treats for breakfast could contribute to helping you lose weight too. Researchers found that eating pudding as part of a 600 calorie breakfast can not only help people lose weight but also helps them maintain the weight loss in the long run.

Other reasons why we should feel the need to treat ourselves to some extra chocolaty goodies…

  1. Chocolate does not give you spots…contrary to what many people believe there is no scientific proof that chocolate causes or encourages acne.
  2. Chocolate can reduce your stress levels…this is because it contains a special acid which acts as a relaxant and tranquiliser.
  3. Chocolate can help you live longer…it was found in a study at Harvard University that those who ate chocolate more frequently throughout the month lived a whole year longer than those that didn’t.
  4. Chocolate comes in low calories. Our lovely client Tasty Little Numbers offers dark, milk and white chocolate treats for just 100 calories.


So after years of depriving ourselves from that extra slab of Cadbury’s we can’t wait to finally take advantage of this fantastic news and over indulge this Easter without the slightest hint of guilt!

Why not treat yourself

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