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Augmented Reality

Many of you may be familiar with ads by X-factor’s sponsor ‘TalkTalk’. They consist of people singing through their webcam, with animated images on the screen used as props. This is augmented reality – virtual items in the real world. And the reach of such technology scopes a lot further than our TV screens.


Applications for smart phones are commonly using augmented reality as their focal selling point. Apps have been developed that allow you to see a person’s online social profile by merely pointing your camera at them. Thus demonstrating what technology can and has the potential to do.

In fact, this technology is developing so quickly that it is thought we will soon be living in a ‘Minority Report’ world.  But before I get too carried away with the future of technology, lets take a look at how it’s being used in the present:

Lynx ‘Fallen Angel’ Campaign:

PR stunts using augmented reality are becoming more and more popular. There is great interaction and the message of the campaigns is received positively.

Terminator vision app:

Terminator Vision from Rich Cameron on Vimeo.

Applications such as this are becoming increasingly prevalent. Not all of them are used for fun though. Some augmented reality apps can prove very useful in day-to-day life.

Yelp, for example, enables you to find nearby restaurants and bars. VouchAR tells you if said bars or restaurants have any offers on and Car Finder will give you directions back to your car!











Soon, the empty air above buildings will be valuable ad space!

However – as AR technology develops, I have to question where that world will stop and realities begin. But for the time being, I love the creative results of campaigns and the practicalities of the apps.

What do you think?


  1. There are some great campaigns out there and the applications are almost limitless. I, for one, think it’s great that I can get see the daily specials by pointing my smartphone at a restaurant or shop front.

  2. We agree. It’s one of those things that in a few years time we will be wondering what we did without it. The ‘Car Finder’ is one of our favourites!

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