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Can Theresa May’s Government Survive?

By Sophie Davidson, Public Affairs Intern   When Theresa May called an election this year, there is no way she could have predicted what was to come. A minority government is a constant risk, and since this government was formed, …

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Hate speech is allowed under the guise of democratic debate

Earlier this week, the Home Office published its report into Hate Crime in England and Wales for 2016/17. The report shows that hate crimes in the UK are increasing; in 2016/17 there were 80,393 hate crimes recorded by police, a …

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Pesticide Spraying

Brexit and the Environment: Moving away from the politics of Brexit to focus on the wider issues

  By Alice Wilkinson – PHA Media Public Affairs Intern The UK’s ongoing negotiations regarding our departure from the European Union have occupied headlines since the referendum result last year. However, the ensuing debate over what this will mean for …

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Nigel Farage UKIP Speech

The rise, fall and potential resurgence of UKIP

By Philip McCue, Public Affairs Intern In November 2014, the rise of UKIP seemed unstoppable. The euphoria of victory in the European Parliament elections, an ever-growing membership and two by-election victories was the cause of ever increasing paranoia for the …

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UK Flag constitution union jack

Are We a Nation of Constitutional Illiterates?

By George Livesey, Public Affairs Intern As a people, politicos included, we seem to be (not so) blissfully unaware of the procedures that govern our institutions. In light of recent events this, apparent, mass misunderstanding has come to the fore; …

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Developments on Brexit – or lack of them

By Polly Lindsay, Strat Comms and Public Affairs Intern   This week marked the beginning of a series of position papers by the UK government detailing their plans for the relationship with the EU following the planned exit of the …

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Big Ben - Parliament UK

It is time to distance free speech from the online abuse of MPs

By Hamish Campbell-Shore, Public Affairs Intern Since the murder of Jo Cox in June 2015, Members of Parliament have had to become acutely aware of the genuine threat of online abuse. Analysis by the ‘BCS-The Chartered Institute’ for IT and …

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The Anti-Hammond Crusade Should Not Be Brushed Under The Carpet

By Hamish Campbell-Shore, Public Affairs Intern   According to the former deputy Prime Minister Lord Heseltine, Theresa May is running an ‘enfeebled’ government that lacks the authority to condemn and discipline those responsible for a series of leaks at cabinet …

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OJ Simpson Hearing

The Hearing of the Century

Today, four members from the Nevada board of parole commissioners will meet in offices in Carson City to discuss the possibility of OJ Simpson, one of the most famous men behind bars, being released on parole. Simpson has served just …

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Me, Myselfie and I. A look at social media’s debut into the art world

Selfies, like Marmite, are something you either really love or totally detest. Either way, as Kim K has made quite clear, selfies are here to stay. You find these pictures everywhere on social media, from Instagram and Twitter, to Facebook. …

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Trump vs Mainstream Media: an ongoing crusade

By Emily Granger, Public Affairs Intern Throughout his campaign and first six months of his administration, President Donald Trump has fought a war with the mainstream press such as CNN, The New York Times and many other outlets. He has called them biased, …

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Disruptor Apps

3 Disruptor Apps to watch in 2017

For our iPhone obsessed generation, there is an app for everything. Although great success can be found in creating an app which fills a gap in the market, a new breed have cropped up, looking to disrupt the market and take …

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