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Five women in tech to watch at GeekGirl Meetup Conference

This Saturday one of our favourite networks by and for women, GeekGirl Meetup, is hosting its 5th annual conference. The confluence of technology and ethics is this year’s hot topic, and we’re excited to head along and hear the insights …

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10 Start-Ups to Watch at TechDay London

This Friday, hundreds of the UK’s hottest start-ups will flood to TechDay London, London’s largest start-up event. In anticipation of the show, we’ve handpicked our 10 favourite up-and-coming brands, from virtual personal assistants to miniature medical technology. If you’re a …

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6 Best Bike Gadgets for #BikeWeekUK

This week hailed an extraordinary confirmation that Apple are working on driverless cars. But with all the focus on smart cars, let’s not forget about the wealth of tech making two-wheeled vehicles intelligent too. Bike tech is booming, and as …

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Top 10 MedTech Brands to Watch at CES 2017

The year’s most anticipated technology show is nearly over! CES 2017 has shown us some incredible innovations this year and along the way we’ve been highlighting our pick of the most exciting brands exhibiting in Vegas this week. To round-off …

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Top 10 Medtech Companies to Watch at CES 2016

Another year, another CES, brimming with start-ups and household names alike, looking to become the next big tech trend. But who will come out victorious? In the last of our six-part series, we give our verdict on the most interesting and …

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The Dawn of Instant Pizza – Will Domino’s One-Tap Order Spoil Our Appetite for Variety?

On the world’s most lethargic bank holiday, New Year’s Day, Domino’s launched a canny new feature to let pizza fans instantly request their favourite cheesy order with just the tap of a button. The new ‘Order Now’ feature for Apple …

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Mind The Gap – Does Equal Pay Day Drive Us Down The Right Track?

Today marks Equal Pay Day, the point in the year from which women are effectively working for free when average female salaries are compared against men’s. With the day comes important discussion around the inequality of women in the workplace …

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PHA Media at Technology Expo 2015

Top Emerging Tech We Saw At The Technology Expo 2015

Last week, the The Technology Expo played host to a multitude of tech brands, each showcasing their latest and greatest innovations in emerging technology. The event at London Vinopolis is a new tech show, aimed at highlighting the most exciting …

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#CharlotteProudman – Sexism and The Importance of Context

A young female barrister who named and shamed a sexist message on LinkedIn by senior lawyer Alexander Carter-Silk has today been subjected to a barrage of social media abuse and countless criticisms from journalists on her choice to publicly out …

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All Aboard The Apple Hype Bandwagon

As the world wakes up to another Wednesday, the tech sphere is rife with excitement and speculation about tonight’s Apple event – another press conference from the brand which consistently achieves pull like no other. The media has been bustling …

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How the #TubeStrike Can Stem the Loss of Public Sympathy

This morning, like many of my friends and colleagues, I crawled out of bed an hour earlier to spend half an hour waiting for a bus that could manage to squeeze in a handful more frustrated passengers, to spend the …

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Why Oscar Acceptance Speeches Go Far Enough

After this year’s Academy Awards, the media was awash with coverage of and commentary on the various acceptance speeches that vociferously backed a social cause. From Patricia Arquette’s promotion of equal pay for women (admirable in isolation, if marred by …

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