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All posts by Ben Cossor

Tech & Innovation’s Smarter Working Initiative Shortlisted for PR Campaign of the Year

PHA Media’s Technology & Innovation team is delighted to have its work recognised in this year’s B2B Marketing Awards – shortlisted for ‘PR Campaign of the Year’. The Smarter Working Initiative (SWI), which the T&I team first developed in 2016 …

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Can FinTech compensate for jobs threatened by Brexit?

According to research group, Bruegel, global banks in London may have to relocate £1.6 trillion of assets to the continent after Britain withdraws from the EU – this would put at least 30,000 UK jobs at risk, regardless of how …

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Crowdfunding: the good, the bad and the ugly

13-year-old Jordan Daykin had an idea. He went to his garden shed in West Ashton, Wiltshire, with his grandfather by his side. Six hours later they emerged with a prototype. This prototype was tweaked and added to over weeks and …

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Top 10 Robotics Companies to Watch at CES 2017

If there’s anything that just screams ‘Sci-fi’, it’s robots. At this year’s CES, robotics is making exciting strides in innovative and useful devices for the home and for play. Here are our top 10 favourite robotics brands to watch at the …

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Top 10 Safety & Security Companies to Watch at CES 2016

Another year, another CES, brimming with start-ups and household names alike, looking to become the next big tech trend. But who will come out victorious? In the third of a six-part series, we give our verdict on the most awe-inspiring …

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The year of the selfie and Twitter’s most talked about moments

This year was a record-breaker for Twitter, with the site having revealed its annual round-up. The World Cup finals in Brazil became the most tweeted about event ever and Ellen DeGeneres’ Oscar selfie was the most retweeted tweet in history …

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Five steps to get your tech start-up noticed

Competition in the tech world is now fiercer than ever before. From multinationals such as Apple and Microsoft to tech start-ups in Old Street, every business wants to be noticed. Unfortunately, more competition means that someone has to miss out, …

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Scottish Independence: What would it mean for sport in the UK?

It goes without saying that a ‘yes’ vote on Thursday would result in changes of huge economic, legal and social importance for the UK. Amongst the panic surrounding Westminster and Ed Miliband being heckled in Edinburgh, there are a number …

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Moeen Ali – is it right to ban the bands?

Most of us have worn silicon wristbands at some point. Be it to ‘Make Poverty History’ or with the belief that the blue band of rubber we found in the school playground would automatically help to ‘Beat Bullying’. But today, …

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Dan Bilzerian: King of Instagram #NoFilter

PHA Media’s Ben Cossor discusses the Instagram Playboy Dan Bilzerian and how his approach could influence your social media strategy. Those of us who like to think the intricate details of our lives (meals, pets, torsos) are interesting enough to …

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Mail Online

Mail Online crosses the Atlantic

The Mail Online has announced its switch from a homepage address to a .com domain, in recognition of its increased international readership and to boost its global traffic. It is reported that negotiations between US paper the Charlestone Daily …

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The battle of the festive PR campaigns

With Christmas a time of mass consumer spending it’s no surprise that companies step their promotion up a notch. Here I take a look at a range if PR ideas, some of which are Christmas crackers, some cold turkeys. Coke …

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