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How To Make Your Pet #Instafamous

By Elisha Wilson, Creative Strategy Intern  Instagram is a huge social media platform (100 million daily active users) – and it’s great in that it enables anyone, with any niche, to have their own space on the Internet. From Doug …

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Social Media: Limitless?

  The internet is available to almost 3 billion people worldwide (that’s a lot of people) and that number only continues to grow, with help notably from Facebook’s Mark Zuckerburg, a pioneer of social media who has launched a campaign …

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Instagram social media growth

Instakilo: Why Instagram is Gaining Weight

Words by Ben Foreman  In it’s second largest-ever acquisition deal (superseded only by it’s purchase of Whatsapp for $19 billion), Facebook purchased Instagram, along with its 13 employees, for $1 billion in April 2012. Since then, active users have grown from …

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Twitter good bad

Twitter Wars

Celebrities have taken to Twitter and social media causing quite a stir by publicly arguing with one another. Arguments on twitter are now being referred to, as ‘Twitter Wars’ but are these arguments affecting the reputation of the celebrities and …

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How you use social matters

Is social media taking over the way in which reputations and branding companies are built? Every company is striving for new ways to sell products whilst maintaining a good reputation of their brand. Brands are battling the ever-growing social media …

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