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Jacob Rees-Mogg

Could Jacob Rees-Mogg really be the saviour of the Conservative Party?

Two years ago, the idea that a man famed for taking his nanny canvassing, using the word ‘floccinaucinihilipilification’ in the House of Commons, and who is regularly referred to as ‘the honourable member for the early twentieth century, could become …

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The queens Speech

The Queen’s Speech: What to Expect

By Emily Granger – Public Affairs Intern The Queen’s Speech – which lays out the laws that ministers want to pass in the coming year – is a major moment in the parliamentary diary. It is seen as a critical test …

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The Creative Industries Must Make Themselves Heard

Britain has always been a leader in the creative industries, but a question mark hovers over its future. At a time of Brexit, an NHS stretched to breaking point, and spending cuts, it is easy for industries that are doing …

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Theresa May Donald Trump Holding Hands Special Relationship

Saving The Special Relationship

By Michael Lach, PHA Public Affairs     Donald Trump has been President for little over a week, but there has already been significant political change. In that time Theresa May held hands with the new President at the White …

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Trump, President, Britain

What does President Trump mean for Britain?

It is fair to say that the election of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States has, at best, received a mixed reaction in Britain. In the run up to Election Day, a poll by Gallup found …

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The High Court decision on Brexit: What happens now?

Michael Lach, Public Affairs Intern, PHA Media The High Court has spoken; the UK Government must now consult Parliament before triggering Article 50 to leave the European Union after the Brexit vote earlier this year. This marks a critical setback …

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A view from Conservative Party Conference

As 12,000 tired and slightly worse for wear delegates begin to recover from a busy 4 days at Conservative Party Conference, Number 10 will be breathing a quiet sigh of relief. With no gaffes, and few MPs causing trouble (Osborne, …

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London Mayoral Election

The London Mayoral Elections: What to Expect

On 5 May London goes to the polls and will elect a new Mayor of London. So far Londoners have remained largely apathetic to the ongoing campaigns. Overshadowed by the hype surrounding the EU referendum (held just a month later), …

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2016 – The year politicians start taking retailers seriously?

Emily Burditt, Account Manager, PHA Media 2015 was a turnaround year for many in retail: employment levels hit a record high, real wage growth reached its highest since 2007, and consumer confidence was strong. However, it wasn’t all plain sailing; …

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David Cameron Brexit Speech Referendum

Brits on the fence: what will clinch the Brexit referendum?

By Arvin Khanchandani     Just two months ago, in September, 55% of the public wanted Britain to stay in the European Union, according to a poll conducted by ORB for the Independent. However, last week, the poll figures indicated …

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Public Affairs Team Double Award Winners

PHA Media’s Public Affairs Team have been celebrating after getting a double whammy at The Public Affairs Awards last night. The black tie event, which was hosted by Sky News presenter Adam Boulton, took place at the Park Plaza Riverside …

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