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3 Important Lessons in Digital Marketing from Brighton SEO 2017

Making its second appearance at the Brighton Centre, Brighton SEO 2017 came back with a bang last week. After an insightful day hearing from experts from every area of digital marketing and SEO we’ve put together some key takeaways from …

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Celebrities Stand Up To Trump

  It has been 12 days since Trump became the fully fledged President of the United States of America. However, in those 12 days, America is looking less united than ever. His executive orders, from issuing gag orders on abortion …

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10 Years of Smartphone Revolution: Happy Birthday Apple!

As we launch into the second week of 2017, the Technology and Innovation team are excited about the 10th Birthday of the iPhone – a true landmark for all things Apple! Since their release of the original iPhone in 2007, …

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How to give back on your lunchbreak

With Christmas shopping hanging over our heads we can often forget that giving doesn’t have to be limited to gifts under the tree. Why not spend your lunchbreak doing something special for someone in need without even leaving the office. Here’s …

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Public Affairs Brexit EU

Has the pound’s devaluation helped stimulate the economy?

Over the last year the pound has lost 20% of its trade-weighted value, and further falls once Article 50 has been activated and beyond look likely. The negative effects of the weaker pound are becoming increasing apparent- imported items like …

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Winter Wellness PHA Media

How to eat lunch for a week for under £8

Its so tempting to eat out, surrounded by great restaurants in Soho. However buying fresh ingredients and creating your own meals doesn’t have to be difficult. Here’s how to make interesting and healthy lunches for a week for as little …

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Why the flu jab is for everyone

With the flu season in full swing, many people think that the flu jab is only for young children, pregnant women and pensioners. Yet a flu jab can save anyone from suffering from this unpredictable virus this winter. To encourage more …

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5 Immunity Boosting Foods to Fight Flu

We all know it takes more than an apple a day to keep the doctor away however when it comes to choosing what to eat to boost your immune system things can get pretty confusing. Should we be shovelling bee …

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water wine - dry january

How to Avoid Catching the Office Cold

Hands up if you’ve coughed/sneezed/spluttered at any point over the last week and then uttered the immortal phrase ‘there’s something going around isn’t there’. A cold that spreads like wildfire is a rite of passage for all offices across the …

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Trump, President, Britain

Clinton v Trump – (and Bob the Builder!)

Mark Lewis from The Brilliant Training Company, looks at whether it’s content or delivery that is the key to great communication. The recent televised debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton gave a fascinating insight into the art of communication.  People …

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Kim Kardashian and the Danger of Snapchat

At around 3am on Monday morning, reality TV star Kim Kardashian was the victim of a terrifying armed robbery, when 5 masked men stormed into her Paris house and stole around £8.5m of jewellery. Johanna Primevert, chief spokeswoman for the …

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First gong of 2016 as PHA claim gold at PR Moment Awards

On a star-studded event at the PR Moment of the Year awards yesterday evening, PHA Media were celebrating a victory for their own Nick Braund. Nick, who heads up the Technology & Innovation department deservedly fought off his rivals to …

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