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Martin McGuinness

Martin McGuinness: A Divided Figure That United An Island

Those waking up this morning to discover the death of Martin McGuinness will likely take one of two mind-sets: a former terrorist commander personally culpable for the deaths of over a thousand people, or a reformed politician who ditched his …

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Justin Wilson PHA media

Justin Wilson’s Death A Stark Reminder Of Motor Racing Dangers

  Justin Wilson’s tragic death after being struck by loose debris during last weekend’s IndyCar 500 race at Pocono has put the spotlight back on the inherent dangers of motor racing, and is another reminder of the grave risks drivers …

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David Moyes: Sacked via Twitter

In the end, the announcement was short and sweet. A bit like David Moyes’ Manchester United tenure, minus the sweet part. Following a day of  rumours and deafening silence from those at the club, United officially announced the sacking of …

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Erdogan Twitter Ban Censor

Turkey Takes Down Twitter

The decision taken by Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan to block access to Twitter is his latest attempt to maintain his hold on a fast-rebelling public.  The move came after users shared leaked wiretapped recordings of Erdogan discussing alleged corruption. …

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British Gas Fail Twitter PR backfired

Lights out for British Gas as Q&A Flops

  To somebody over at British Gas HQ, it was a brilliant idea. “Yes, we’re hiking up gas prices by 9.2% this winter, but we’ll just explain it away by hosting a live Q&A the same afternoon”. Genius. What could …

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Twitter diplomacy

Enter The World of Digital Diplomacy

  We’ve come a long way since the first broadcast from the White House in 1947. Back then, Harry Truman was guiding his nation through post-war uncertainty and readying the state for a forty year fight with the ‘communist bugaboo’. …

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Royal Baby twitter

Royal Baby Fails to Spice Up Twitter

  Given the day and age that we live in, it may have been more appropriate had Will and Kate took to Twitter to announce the birth of their new-born son. Perhaps something along the lines of: “OMG! Just given …

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Back Of The Net! Man United Launch On Twitter

Alex Ferguson has barely exited the Old Trafford doors and change is already abound at Manchester United… On Wednesday morning, the club launched their official Twitter profile to amazing success. By lunchtime, the Red Devils had close to 200k followers …

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Tim Cook apple watch

Time for the Apple iWatch?

  Are Apple about to jump head-first into the accessory market? That’s what all the signs point to this week after the Californian-giant trademarked the “iWatch” term in an application to the Japan Patent Office. The patent isn’t the only …

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Bitcoin con

Is Bitcoin a Bit-con?

Of all the talk over the past month about failing currencies and bailouts, there seems to be a virtual light at the end of the tunnel in the shape of Bitcoin. The digital currency has shared the headlines in recent …

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