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All posts by Peter Eastwood


Chef leaves the kitchen, Root gets cooking

Alastair Cook was a very British captain. Solid, dependable, conservative, if perhaps a little uninspiring. A steady hand rather than a dashing innovator. Joe Root’s ascendancy to the England captaincy will show him to be a very different man. Root …

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Could Social Media Save English Cricket?

For cricket fans the world over, 2005 evokes every superlative in the cliché book. The Greatest Ashes Series of all time, the series to end all series, theatre on an unparalleled scale in the history of cricket. What a load …

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Hoem Affairs Select Committee Christmas Card

The Weird and Wonderful World of Political Christmas Cards

By Peter Jackson Eastwood & Emily Burditt. It’s the festive season, so what better way to celebrate than to forensically examine just how appalling Politicians Christmas Cards are? Welcome to the strange and wonderful world of political Christmas cards… Nigel Evans …

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Image courtesy of Gagen Skidmore on Flickr

Trump, Brexit, Corbyn – the rules of political engagement have changed

Bandying about insults, interrupting his opponent, a winding monologue packed with hyperbole and absent of any detail. Casual observers of US politics could be forgiven for thinking they had stumbled upon an episode of The Apprentice. Except it couldn’t be …

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Image courtesy of Carlos Chuqulllanqui on Flickr

Will the Relentless Commercialisation of Sport Continue?

The monetisation of sport in the UK is hitting heights in 2016 that were scarcely conceivable just a few years ago. Football has been revolutionised by the astronomical money that the Premier League TV deals have brought in. Cricket could …

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political campaign advert, ballot box

Political Campaign Ads – Bizarre, Boastful & Bewildering

By Peter Jackson Eastwood and Emily Burditt Here at PHA Media, there’s nothing we love more than an integrated campaign. So it’s only right that we pay tribute to the weird and the wonderful of the political media world with …

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Flag of the european union in front of the deep blue sky.

Brexit: Could an ‘in’ vote instigate a far-right surge in the UK?

As the dust settles around Norbert Hofer’s close defeat in the Austrian presidential election, it is abundantly clear that European politics is experiencing an escalating shift to the far-right. Hofer ended with 49.7% of the vote, losing out to Alexander …

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Boris Johnson

Public Affairs Top 10: Political Gaffes

Written by Peter Jackson Eastwood & Emily Burditt In honour of the end of Boris Johnson’s tenure as London Mayor – we are celebrating the capital’s favourite accident-prone politician with our top 10 political gaffes. Get behind the sofa folks… …

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Conservative Mayoral Candidate Zac Goldsmith

The 10 Political Campaign Songs You Need To See

By Peter Jackson Eastwood & Emily Burditt.   Zac Goldsmith has drawn widespread ridicule following the release this week of his Mayoral election campaign song. But is he the first politician to get it horribly wrong when it comes to campaign …

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Are Universities Losing The Fight For Their Reputation?

University campuses in Britain have historically been associated with a spirit of protest and the exchange of revolutionary and, at times, incendiary ideas. UK citizens enjoy the right to free speech and students have benefitted from the autonomy this has …

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