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How to Avoid Catching the Office Cold

Hands up if you’ve coughed/sneezed/spluttered at any point over the last week and then uttered the immortal phrase ‘there’s something going around isn’t there’.

A cold that spreads like wildfire is a rite of passage for all offices across the city and catching it seems sadly inevitable. So, what can you do to keep yourself healthy when the office is a veritable obstacle course of coughing and spluttering? Our top 5 tips to avoiding the office cold are simple to implement and more effective than donning a surgical mask/refusing to shake hands with anyone/spraying your colleagues with antibac spray whilst shouting “DON’T BE A HERO” at them. If you have any tips of your own to add, let us know!

  1. Clean your office space

With so many people in one space, it becomes easy to spread those germs from one person to the other. One way to avoid the beastly office cold is to clean your desk space.

Try: Wiping down your desk with anti- bacterial wipes at least once a week. Even a good anti-bacterial hand gel can work wonders in keeping the germs at bay.


  1. Have a hot drink

When the winter cold tickles your throat, having a hot drink can bring relief. The steam from the drink will also help keep the sinuses clear.

Try: Adding a spoon of honey to your tea or coffee instead of sugar.


  1. Hydrate

Make use of those water machines! This helps you flush out all unwanted toxins and keeps your immune system in good check.

Try: Adding a vitamin C tablet to your glass of water could help when dealing with those initial sniffles.


  1. Eat enough protein

We’re constantly being told that it’s our 5 a day that keep the germs away however, the protein we include in our diets help build up our immune system and make us less susceptible to catching a cold.

Try: Incorporating salmon into your diet, this is a great source of protein and omega 3 – perfect for fighting off any illness heading your way.


  1. Lose the booze

As much as we Brits love a pint or a glass of wine after work, alcohol can increase your probability of getting ill. It can stop the precious REM sleep that helps your body recovery from the day’s battles.

Try: Socialising with friends in a different way. From roping your friends into a yoga class to going for a long walk on the weekends, there are plenty of ways to have fun that ensure you’ll also be enjoying a great nights sleep and giving your immune system a break.



How do you keep yourself flu free over winter?

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