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Basil Brush pops in to say hi! (Boom Boom)

This morning we were honoured with the company of a very cheeky, very special and very famous fox… Mr Basil Brush!

It’s not often Basil ventures to Soho but he made the very special journey to hang out with the PHA Media team and do some filming for Young Enterprise.

Not long ago, we were presented with the challenge of finding famous children’s TV characters to get on board and support their latest campaign.

Basil Brush

Fiver, a new scheme supported by Virgin Money, will provide thousands of primary school children across the UK with a £5 note, challenging them to use it to set up a mini business and turn it in to as much money as possible in just one month.

To provide all the primary school children taking part in the challenge with some enterprise inspiration we asked Basil’s keeper if we could record them both making something out of items which cost no more than five pounds to sell for a profit, which is exactly what they did.

Collecting stones from the garden, all Basil needed to buy was a marker pen, some acrylic paints and some googly eyes. They then decorated the stones with smiley faces, poems and even his signature.

Basil’s video will now join Sooty’s and children’s TV presenters Liz Barker (Blue Peter) and Nigel Mitchell’s (Disney) on the Fiver website.

I’m certain Basil had as much fun as we did and his hand painted stones will be going up for auction on the Fiver eBay page to raise money for the scheme very soon.

Watch this space…

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