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Best I’ve Ever Ad: Google Updates Adwords

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is a term quite unfamiliar with Google if this latest move is anything to go by. The tech giant has rolled out a revised version of their very successful Adwords. However, as opposed to altering a well-oiled machine that churns out dollar after dollar, they have just made one or two tweaks to perfect the service and placate the rapid proliferation of mobile devices in recent years.

Adwords, unsurprisingly, is Google’s main source of revenue; advertising was responsible for adding around $40bn to Google’s coffers last year. It is perhaps the easiest marketing tool out there in terms of identifying your target audience and directly influencing their online decision making.
Businesses can also decide how much they pay for an ad, so it can be the most cost-effective way of exposing your audience to your brand.

The worldwide domination by the Smartphone has caused Google to reassess their Adword service and to help marketers combat the complex ‘multichannel consumer journey’, a term that describes the methods in which individuals make decisions online.
The updates to Google Adwords means that campaigns need to sit up and take notice. The theory goes that before we purchase something online or make an important decision, we are likely to have done our research over several different devices. The updates to Adwords means that business can keep track of this research and tailor their adverts to ensure we are exposed to their services at a time when we need them most.

For example, on the way home from work I decide I’m in desperate need of a break and so I do a bit of research on my Smartphone to find a cheap city getaway. The changes to Adwords will ensure that by the time I continue my research on the home laptop, I will be exposed to several different ads trying to tempt me abroad with their cheap deals. It all makes perfect sense, really.

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