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Big Energy Saving Week

This week is Big Energy Saving Week, a national government initiative that helps to raise awareness of energy efficiency. The campaign encourages us to think about the amount of energy we use, and more importantly the amount of energy we waste! I for one am almost certainly guilty of ignoring how much energy I waste, without really thinking about the impact this is having on my quarterly bills!

A new survey commissioned by Zenith Home has revealed that 74% of British people tell fibs about their energy efficiency, saying that they are ‘Very’ energy efficient, when in fact they have no understanding of how to be energy efficient. Everyone likes to say they’re greener than they are! But it’s no use just saying it, it turns out actually being green has benefits by the bucket-load.

Despite saying that we’re super energy efficient, the survey revealed that in reality we haven’t a clue about how to be energy efficient. The survey showed that we don’t know:

  • How to measure our energy efficiency (66%) – I measure by my bills, but don’t have anything to really compare them to.
  • How old our windows are (26%) – No idea, but I’m guessing pretty old, as they let in a pretty hefty draught.
  • How old our boiler is (40%) – Again, no idea at all.
  • If they have external wall installation (47%) – Pretty sure I don’t, but not sure.


Image Courtesy of Phil Woodbridge, flickr. com

Image Courtesy of Phil Woodbridge, flickr. com

The factors above show that we don’t fully understand the impact this has on our energy bills.

The survey also revealed that 46% of people only turn off their appliances at the plug when they go on holiday, and a further 22% never turn off appliances at the plug. I am 100% guilty here, and had no idea that turning appliances off at the plug on a regular basis could save up to £90 a year!!

Zenith Home commissioned the survey to challenge us to disclose just how energy efficient we really are, and most importantly to find out the best ways to show us how we can save money and help the environment.


Image Courtesy of ned the head, flickr. com

Image Courtesy of ned the head, flickr. com

If, like me, you’re inspired to be more energy efficient, and save some extra cash for holidays, there are some easy steps you can take: start by turning off your appliances at the plug – it will make a difference, guaranteed!; Don’t overfill the kettle, just fill with the amount you need for your cups of tea; Turn your washing machine down to 30 degrees – your clothes will still be equally clean, promise!; Invest in an OWL – an energy efficiency monitor will show you just how much you can save.

There are also long term differences you can make to your home to really save BIG on an annual basis including: updating your windows and boiler and thinking about external wall insulation and solar panels.

Want to save energy?

With Big Energy Saving Week just around the corner we have come up with a few ways of how you can become for energy efficient.

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