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Big Up Balance Box!

When our client – gourmet food delivery service The Pure Package – announced that they were planning to launch a sole weight-loss focused sister company  – balance box – the ladies in the F+L department did a little dance around the office with glee! Myself especially when I learnt that I had the opportunity to be one of the lucky few to trial the service prior to the launch, therefore having my breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks delivered direct to my door, whilst losing weight along the way…sign me up!!

balance box

Lovingly created using the same ‘pure principles’ as its big sister The Pure Package, balance box uses only the very best fresh and ethically sourced ingredients, selected each day from the foodie heaven that is New Covent Garden Market. Each day’s food consists of a yummy breakfast, lunch and dinner, along with two additional snacks to ensure that you are kept topped up with goodness for those peckish times in between meals (the food is so yummy, you will have to use all your self restraint to not eat it all at once!).


With two plans to choose from – Market Menu (1,200 calories) and Super Market Menu (1,800 calories) – I went for the 1,200 calorie plan, there’s a few unwanted pounds I want to get rid of! – and a variety of delivery schedules to fit in with your lifestyle, it really couldn’t be easier to have scrumptious, fresh and tasty food delivered straight to your door… wherever in the UK that door might be! (unlike The Pure Package, balance box is a nationwide service).

balance box

So, how did I get on with my trial…It was such a nice surprise to wake up on Monday morning (usually a pretty depressing time!) to find my box worth of food (for Monday – Thursday) patiently waiting for me on my doorstep. It was so exciting opening the box (it felt a bit like Christmas actually!), to see all the day’s meals colour coded in their relevant sections and I couldn’t wait to get started on the morning’s breakfast of Roasted Pear and Sultana Bircher (which was delicious!). After neatly arranging the individual containers in the fridge for the remaining days (and warning my housemates to keep away!), I set off to work with my lunch, morning and afternoon snack in tow in the handy bag which balance box helpfully provides you with to transport your food around with you.

balance box

The food continued to impress throughout the week – Leek & Mozzarella Frittata and the Mint Pesto Fish & Baked Butternut Squash were particular favourites –  and one thing which surprised me the most was just how much you can eat for 1,200 calories (which, let’s face it, doesn’t sound like a lot on the face of it). Throughout the week I didn’t feel hungry at all (despite exercising most days) and whenever I did start to feel a hunger pang, it was time for my next meal or snack (which ranges from a selection of fruit and nuts to homemade ‘Berry’ and ‘Trail’ bars). The service has really taught me a lot about the portion sizes which I should be eating if I want to carry on losing / maintaining my weight, and it’s been such a delight to not have to worry about shopping, cooking, or the thought process of what to have for dinner that night. It is SO convenient and I genuinely look forward to eating my next meal which I know has been lovingly prepared with the freshest ingredients around (instead of grabbing cereal or soup post-gym when I’m too tired to cook anything else). It really is a revelation and I’m going to hugely miss going back to ‘normal’ food and having to make it myself when my trial is over next week (sob!).

balance box’s sole emphasis is on delivering weight loss and four-days in, I have lost 2lbs which I’m thrilled about! My trousers feel looser (I’ve been able to fit into a pair previously banished into the back of my wardrobe!), my stomach looks flatter and I feel really, really healthy. Also, despite running most days, I have had loads of energy, which I don’t often find if I am cooking and preparing the food myself (which knowing my tendency to snack, is likely to be far more than the 1,200 calories I have consumed each day on balance box).

VERDICT: A BIG thumbs up to balance box

Things you need to know!

 balance box is the brainchild of Jennifer Irvine, bestselling author and founder of gourmet food delivery service, The Pure Package

  • Prices start from £16.99 per day which includes nationwide delivery across the UK (excluding Scotland and Wales)
  • balance box is available in the following packages : Weekday & Weekend Box, Weekday Box, Weekend Box
  • Choose from either the Market Menu plan (1200 calories) or the Supersized Market plan (1800 calories)
  • balance box offers varied and balanced diet following expert recommendations
  • balance box uses seasonal, ethical and market fresh ingredients in all of the meals

balance box


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