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Bob Bob Ricard

The time has come for yet another food filled blog post, and this time, I want to disclose my experiences of Bob Bob Ricard, the wildly opulent Anglo-Russian brasserie; more so because it was a topic of debate in the office only a few days ago – I like to keep things current if I can!

Bob Bob RicardFirst and foremost, I have to discuss the décor. It uses seductive low lighting throughout, and from the moment you walk in, the atmosphere oozes luxury and retro glamour. It’s expensively fitted out with intimate booths, leather banquettes, chandeliers and shiny brass fittings – you can’t help but be transported to the 1950’s, the by gone era of high flying media types and PR’s (Mad Men springs to mind), an era I would have loved to have been in and part of! Those after a more understated dinning affair could potentially find the place quite ostentatious and lavish; dare I say ‘novae riche’. I however, just can’t get enough of it!

Bob Bob RicardAdding to the opulence and perhaps its ‘bling’ appeal are the famed champagne buttons. There’s no need to worry about running out, because you can always press for more (and more and more and more). As you can tell, I clearly got carried away, which certainly wasn’t friendly on the purse strings! If you dot fancy a topple of sparkly, then you can always opt for Vodka shots (!) – the Russian way of having fun!

Bob Bob RicardService is impeccable. And from my experience, all the staff are beautiful, which always goes down well when drinking copious amounts of Champers!

The menu is a blend of Russian delicacies and British comfort food, ranging from beef wellington to chicken Kiev and caviar. And, while each dish is lovely and rich, I must admit, I would expect more for the price you have to pay. Dare I say, I was even a little disappointed with my lobster macaroni cheese…

That’s said, because I love the ambience so much, I would go again (I have already been three times!).  It’s just so fun and I really do love it there. Dishes I have tried, and are must haves for any ‘Bob Bob-er’ include:

  • Scallops with black pudding and apple
  •  Venison steak tarter
  • Rosemary roasted lamb medallions
  • Truffle mash potato (a side)
  • Strawberries and cream soufflé

Be warned though, living the high life doesn’t come cheap, so perhaps it’s a night out on or just after pay day!

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