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My 90 day Body Coach diary

The Body Coach

Day ten. Today is day ten of my 90 Day Shift, Shape and Sustain plan, compiled by my new health and fitness guru, Joe Wicks, more commonly known as The Body Coach.

The Body Coach is a new client of ours, who has formulated a completely unique way to help people shift stubborn, excess fat, shape the muscle that’s been burrowed away for so many dark years and ultimately help you sustain a healthy, and more importantly, educated lifestyle.

The whole Body Coach plan is centred on complimenting your training with your diet. It turns out you can hit the gym as hard as you want for as long as you want, but if you go home and stuff your face full of fish and chips “with extra chips please”, you’re not going to succeed. So there was my lifelong belief firmly and forever thrown out the window. Not that I ever hit the gym hard or for particularly long lengths of time… but the thought was, on occasion, there.

I’m not the fattest girl in the world but I was starting to get wobblier and wider by the year. I’m the first to admit that my metabolism is slowing down. I put weight on easily and, at the grand old age of 24, (soon to be 25, oh the injustice!), I decided that if I didn’t take proper and determined action now, I’d just keep chomping down the fish and chips with extra chips whilst complaining about being soft around the edges until you’d have to cart me out of The Fish Club on Clapham High Street in a wheelbarrow… still grappling for those extra chips.

Ok, I’m being slightly mellow dramatic. I am prone to the odd workout here and there, and I sometimes eat salads……but still, something wasn’t working and I was growing bored of my spare tyres, yes plural, lurking around my middle.

So, when the opportunity arose for me to try out The Body Coach’s 90 Day SSS Plan, I signed on the dotted line… that was after I had been persuaded to do so by my beanpole of a boyfriend. I’m sure he didn’t mean anything by it!

So I filled in my in-depth Body Coach lifestyle questionnaire (trying not to lie in any of my answers to make myself sound good) and sent off my disturbingly honest bikini pictures, one from the back, one from the side and one from the front.

Then I waited the three to five days – it ended up being four- for my plan to arrive. Honestly I thought I would be receiving a double page word document with a few exercise routines and a meal plan. How wrong I was. I received a 61 page PDF presentation which actually proved to be an incredibly interesting read.

The thing about The Body Coach’s plan is that it is designed to educate. The media fills our head with lots of rubbish about what we should eat and when we should eat it, whilst marketing companies lure us in with “health” foods so we think we’re making a positive decision when we put a cereal bar in our shopping basket, when in fact said cereal bar has 63 teaspoons of sugar in it. The horror!

So The Body Coach has taken on the task of teaching his clients about proteins, fats and carbohydrates, why they are all important and how they work together in a balanced diet. What I found the hardest to get my head around, and still am, is what we should be eating for breakfast… lots of protein, it turns out. If you take one thing away from this blog it’s that cereal is the devil. It’s loaded with hidden sugars, so go and boil an egg!

The formula in Cycle 1 is to have your “carb-reload” meals after a workout and for the rest of the time eat “carb-reduced” meals. The key to success here is planning. I spend a couple of hours in the kitchen each Sunday prepping my lunches and breakfasts for the upcoming week and having them all lined up in Tupperware boxes ready to go.

As I choose to do my 20-25 minute HIIT workout in the morning before I leave for work I eat my “carb-reload” meal for breakfast. Lots of these recipes consist of meat, rice and vegetables. I was able to find a few that I could ease myself in with, such as my new favourite, quinoa porridge with manuka honey, strawberries and banana… delicious, healthy and incredibly filling.

I should highlight that the recipes The Body Coach offers are different for everyone and are all compiled for the individual down to the gram. It is indeed a bespoke package put together for your personal needs and results in mind. Most of the meals I’ve tried have been thoroughly enjoyable and easy to make (minus all the weighing). However, there have been a couple of exceptions like my unfortunate run in with his fish cakes, my god the thought of it still makes me sick a bit in my mouth… sorry Joe!

So to give you an idea of the exercise, I wake up around 6.25am Monday-Thursday and drag myself out of bed and into the sitting room to commence my HIIT workout, rudely awakening my neighbours with my graceless star jumps, high knees and squat jumps, each time landing on the floor with a “THUD!”. I am genuinely surprised they haven’t complained. I try not to do the same exercise over and over so have a few saved on my computer from YouTube. Each routine lasts between 20-25 minutes and once it’s done, it’s done!

The Body Coach is adamant that there’s no need to slog away for ages in a gym. If you work at your full capacity for a short period of time you can achieve the desired results….as long as your diet matches your activity, of course.

So, whilst my body is now getting used to its new early morning routine (and I am now the Tupperware Queen) I feel I have embraced the plan with open arms. It’s easy to follow, I’m never hungry and I have already started to see results. I feel stronger, less pillowy and excited to embark on Cycle 2.

So, as my inconsiderate colleagues chow down on Haribo and chocolate covered popcorn right in front of my face, I can sit here, a little bit jealous, but more smug, as I know in 80 days I will be the envy of the office!

The Body Coach

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  1. How are you getting on now?
    Really interested in buying the 90 day plan and it’s great to hear of someone that doing it. The transformation photos of everyone are amazing.

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