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Brands Can Get Lucky from Taking a Leaf Out of Daft Punk and Co.

One would never have assumed that electro-funk and Digital PR go hand-in-hand, but it seems that the two have more in common than first thought.

Daft Punk’s new album Random Access Memories has become the fastest selling of the year so far, and that is largely down to the huge stir they generated across just about every social media channel out there. The single Get Lucky has become the most streamed song in Spotify history, have been listened to 27 million times.

Their success, besides from the album actually being pretty good, is largely down to their exploitation of social media. Their initial foray came with a seven second loop segment of Get Lucky on YouTube. Then, at the hugely popular Coachella festival in the US, Daft Punk hijacked the main stage for a two minute teaser of their hit song, complete with the French Duo flaunting sequined suits. As expected, Twitter and Facebook exploded with video, image and discussion surrounding the gatecrash. Elsewhere, their album track listing was revealed on Vine, and details of their collaborations with Nile Rodgers and Giorgio Mordoder were leaked as podcasts in the build up to the album launch.

The YouTube video of Get Lucky has been viewed 18 million times, despite the ‘video’ consisting only of a still image of the pair.

Their marketing campaign may be considered nothing new, but the expectation and buzz that they generated is unparalleled. Their methods were simple yet extremely effective: drip feed fans segments of their new album, make a couple of appearances here and there, and utilise the ‘hangouts’ of their target audience- namely Twitter and Facebook. Before Random Access Memories was even released, Daft Punk had gained all the attention they’d wanted online. Others should take note…

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