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3 Important Lessons in Digital Marketing from Brighton SEO 2017

Making its second appearance at the Brighton Centre, Brighton SEO 2017 came back with a bang last week. After an insightful day hearing from experts from every area of digital marketing and SEO we’ve put together some key takeaways from the day.

It’s all about the brand.

It’s tempting as a marketer to think about all the different areas we look after as separate entities: website maintenance, branding, SEO, email marketing, social media – the list is endless.

However, it’s important for digital marketers to continue to focus on the bigger picture. As Tom Capper and Malcolm Slade pointed out in their presentations, brand has a strong correlation with rankings.

Equally Mariana Mota spoke eloquently about the ways in which user experience is now being used in Google’s ranking factors. As well as being a strong argument for bringing web designers into the marketing fold it is yet another reminder that everything is connected and splitting focus will only lead to poorer results.

Focus on user experience

With that in mind it seems obvious that a lot of focus was leant to the user experience of sites and how this can affect everything from your conversion rate to your rankings.

As Basitan Grimm pointed out, user experience is all about performance. 47% of people expect a site to load in two seconds. When you take that into consideration it seems obvious that fast loading is crucial for user experience and consequentially the success of your business.

This focus on UX doesn’t just apply to the technical running of your site however. This year there was a real focus on the importancy of relevancy as part of the user experience. With sobering stats flying around such as ‘users landing on the wrong pages leads to a 60% drop in conversion’ and ‘80% of content is not read’ it seemed that specialised content was becoming more and more important when we think about user experience.

Creating content around user intention is key, claimed Marcus Tober in his insightful talk and we couldn’t agree more.

Which leads us on to…

Less is more when it comes to content

Marcus Tober made a compelling argument for quality over quantity as a way of increasing visibility of your site.

Whilst traditionally marketers have applied a ‘more content the better’ approach, Tober argues for specialised, cleaned up content and calls for a removal of ‘dead content’ from websites. A more concise selection of content can allow Google to understand your website more effectively and rank it higher for specific terms.

So if we’re focusing less on the quantity, how do we ensure the quality is at its very best. Hannah Smith’s insightful talk on How to Develop & Pitch Creative Ideas went some way to answering this as she dug into what is meant by a ‘good idea’. Defining the criteria used by her team at Distilled Hannah defined this intangible good idea as:

  • Simple
  • Unexpected,
  • Concrete
  • Credible
  • Emotional
  • Story driven
  • Shareable

Hannah left us with a valuable reminder that “if you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself.”


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