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We try… Broga


Image Courtesy of Gaurang Chandarana,

Image Courtesy of Gaurang Chandarana,

When my colleagues, Katie and Sarah, kindly volunteered me to try out a new fitness class, which is sweeping the capital at the moment, I didn’t really know what to expect.

I have never been to a yoga class before so I had my doubts about going. Not one to turn down a challenge though my alarm went off at 5.30am and I set off to catch the early train to London, ready to experience my first ever Broga class run by the well known Matt Miller.

I arrived at Gymbox in Bank at around 7am and waited for a few minutes for Matt to arrive.

There were about 20 of us in total, both men and women, and we started the session with a series of gentle warm ups and stretching exercises.  Matt explained to everyone the importance of controlling your breathing and he also talked about the focus of the session and outlined which muscle groups we would target; in this session it would be the abdominals and lower back.

At first I found myself looking around to see what other people were doing, but as the session progressed I felt more comfortable and relaxed. Matt explained and demonstrated very clearly with every new exercise what we had to do and this helped to settle the nerves.

Once we had mastered a few basic positions it was time tackle some more challenging exercises: planking, the downward dog, superman pose, warrior pose and lunges to name a few.

The class was quite intense and there were times when I was starting to feel the pain, but unlike pre-season football training when your coach would be shouting at you for the entire session, Matt used lots of positive motivation and the slow tempo music in the background of the session relaxed us further.

We then did a series of exercises that involved working with a partner, which at that stage of the session I found particularly hard. I guess it’s good that I partnered up with another man because it’s hard to sit there and watch the women touch their nose with their knees while we struggled to even reach our toes!

The last ten minutes of the session were focused on the cool down and for most of this period we were all told to lie back and relax, and think of somewhere that made us happy. I guess this helped with the transition back into the real world.

I left the 45 minute session feeling fully energised; it was a really enjoyable experience and I felt satisfied with the workout. There is, of course, a lot to take in at first, like remembering to inhale and exhale with every exercise but by the end of the session I was doing it naturally and so I suppose it must have worked. I even managed to do some of the movements with a smile on my face, despite the pain!

By Friday morning I was aching all over, but the way I see it, no pain no gain and with pre-season football training starting in the next few weeks it’s certainly a sign of things to come. My body had better get used to it!


Our verdict: A thoroughly enjoyable (but hugely challenging!) workout. Can’t wait to give it a go again!

Our score: 9/10

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  1. Dan,

    It was a pleasure having you in class and you worked really hard at giving your 100%. I hope you ached but also felt a little more streched and open at the same time.

    You are welcome back ANYTIME!

    Just check out the Broga class schedule around London on :


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