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Why businesses need personality

Consumer demands used to be simple: what can the product do for me and do I need it? But our expectations have grown to the point where functionality is not enough to secure a sale.

Now we demand ethical sourcing, packaging, charity connections and CSR initiatives from the businesses behind the labels.

With most of the British public – and the wider world – connected to the internet via their smartphones, laptops and tablets 24/7 we’ve never had greater access to information about businesses – both those we know about already and those we’ve never encountered before.

Business Personality

So how do businesses really stand out from the competition? Perhaps the answer is showing the personality behind the brand; showing potential consumers that they aren’t a soulless corporate juggernaut but in fact a collection of people; led by a select individual, partnership or group, all trying to provide products or services which offer a real benefit and which they would use themselves.

By standing above the parapet and shouting, ‘This is my business, this is what we stand for, this is how we can help and this is why we are great at what we do’, companies can build an identity in consumers’ minds. With familiarity comes trust and with trust comes sales.

Of course this is not rocket science – some of the world’s biggest and best loved firms such as Virgin and Apple have been driven by their charismatic and influential leaders. However, effective corporate PR can level the playing field for established and growing businesses and, in an age of social media, there’s no barrier preventing business owners demonstrating their personality online. But what about magnifying this through Britain’s most established, most read and most watched media outlets?

We deal with the national print press on a daily basis, creating opportunities for clients to show their personality as well as their expertise. The result? Millions of people across Britain become familiar with the people behind the business, setting the firm apart from its faceless competitors, and giving consumers a window to the business they are helping to sustain.

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