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We try…Sweat by BXR: Tuesday Lunchtime Workout

What is BXR:

Ah Chiltern Street. Home to glamour, glitter, fashion and fame. Home to delicious organic eateries and most recently, the infamous and Anthony Joshua endorsed gym, BXR London.

BXR is the world’s first high-end boxing-themed gym, launched in January 2017 and offering its members the standard of training, facilities and advice expected by professional athletes – regardless of level of ability. The gym itself is found on the members floor upstairs; not where you would have found me at 12:45 on Tuesday 26th September.

No, I was to be found down the dark wood panelled stairs, past the impressively sized portrait of Emily Ratajkowski, in one of the three studios on the lower floor. Sweat by BXR, the pay-as-you-train concept brought to us by BXR offers either boxing Skills sessions, Strength & Conditioning sessions (ME!) or Cardio sessions in each of the three rooms.

Sweat by BXR offers clients the opportunity to ‘train like an athlete’ with training techniques, facilities and products designed by our team of industry-experts. If I am not mistaken, the S&C class I was about to take part in was designed by Jamie Reynolds, Anthony Joshua’s S&C coach & Nike Master Trainer. Pause for reaction. What’s not to love about that?!

What does the S&C session at Sweat by BXR involve:

The 45-minute class, although slower paced than Skills or Cardio, or so I hear, aims to increase strength, mobility and endurance. The S&C studio itself is dark. There is of course, mood lighting, mirrors and an impressive variety of equipment, from TRX, to frames, to Kettle bells, medicine balls and dumbbells.

With only eight in the class, I mentally psyched myself up ready to be pushed by our trainer, Liberty Cox, who began the class with a fairly laborious warm-up, involving elements of mobility, muscle activation and cardio. I had never used resistance bands in a warm-up before, but there is a first time for everything, and I liked it!

After a quick run through of the upcoming circuit from Liberty and we were off! We worked for one intense minute at each of the five stations. I opted to start with weighted wall sits and just happened to be working through each station with a man, let’s call him Joe, who, naturally, I decided I wanted to outperform. Wall sits were followed by jumping squats using the TRX, walk out planks into press-ups, kettle bell high-pull, dumbbell lunge press and squat press. Judge ruled I beat Joe on everything but the press-ups.

And so it continued for another full circuit before the new, and more cardio focused variations of each exercise were introduced: Jumping lunges, wall sits with shoulder press, one arm TRX power pull, more push-ups – Joe won that one again – and more weighted squats.  

Each exercise is performed along the outside of the studio, giving Liberty a clear vantage point at all times so that she could easily offer helpful pointers, guidance and woops of encouragement. By the end of the class I was beat; not by Joe (pfft), but by exhaustion and jelly legs which were already sore, meaning DOMS was a certainty.

Once we finished congratulating each other on our sweaty workouts we lay down on the mats for a much-needed stretch. Whatever your post-workout ritual, BXR has it all. There’s a selection of post-workout shakes on offer at the in-house Joe & the Juice. There is also an in-house clinic if you want to treat yourself to osteopathy, reflexology and/or deep tissue massage. Personally, I opted to spend some time in one of the most beautiful changing rooms around – this will sound a lot less creepy to anyone who has already had the pleasure of visiting BXR. Soft lighting, spacious, spa smelling, double shower heads, Malin + Goetz toiletries, steam, sauna, the list goes on.

Will I visit BXR again? Absolutely. If only for the thick, white, fluffy towels.

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