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Caitlyn Jenner’s perfect reveal

The latest media phenomenon that has got everyone talking is Bruce Jenner’s amazing transformation from a man to a woman that we now call Caitlyn Jenner.

Caitlyn posed in an iconic fashion shoot for Annie Leibowitz for the cover of Vanity Fair magazine to showcase her remarkable transformation with an exclusive insight into the beginning of her desired journey as a woman.

This is an example of a great PR plan that has created much stir in both the press and on social media, in a good way!

So how has Caitlyn used PR in order to build her new public image as a woman?

Transparency and establishing relationships

In the two-part special, “Keeping Up with The Kardashians: About Bruce”, the then Bruce Jenner discussed his issues and his plans for gender assignment with his supportive family and ex-wife Kris Jenner. While it was upsetting to witness all the tears and mixed set of emotions, it gave the audience an opportunity to see an intimate side to Bruce where we began to comprehend how he lived in misery during the course of his life. He explained his plans to fully transform into the person he has always aspired to be and enjoy the rest of his life the way he desires. Through this Bruce addressed the questions his family and fans were curious and anxious about whilst also creating and establishing a new found respect amongst a both a new and current audience and fans.

The right kind of media

An Interview with Diane Sawyer

Bruce Jenner’s 20/20 interview with one of the worlds most respected journalists Diane Sawyer, really gave Bruce Jenner the chance to reveal his true self and be open about his feelings and his struggles growing up. ABC’s Diane Sawyer achieved a real deep and personal comprehension of Bruce Jenner and his future as a woman. He vows to change to “change world” for the transgender community.

Of course, Diane Sawyer has established a reputation for being a “trailblazer”, therefore a two hour interview with Diane was perfect to get inside the mind-set of Bruce and raise awareness on this delicate subject.

Front cover of Vanity Fair

This is the perfect magazine to introduce the world to the new Caitlyn Jenner, giving her the credibility she deserves as she shares her transition with the world. Samir Husni, the director of Magazine Innovation Centre at the University of Mississippi, said “Vanity Fair is the only magazine that combines celebrity and journalism”. They have a good reputation for combining celebrity journalism and investigative journalism therefore we can only expect a lengthy but informative interview into the new life of Caitlyn Jenner (out on June 16th, 2015).

Media management

The story and images of Bruce Jenner’s transformation successfully managed to stay out of the press, keeping this month’s Vanity Fair issue original and exclusive. Mashable reported that the magazine kept the high-profile issue from leaking with a bit of media operations security according to The Verge. This included staff handing over their phones during the photoshoot and keeping the images well hidden and well away from the internet.

Building a new brand and a new image

On displaying her first public image as Caitlyn, she has received a great and positive response across the celebrity world with celebrities praising Caitlyn for being brave enough to showcase her transition. As part of her transition, Caitlyn created a new Twitter, Facebook and Instagram account which saw an impeccable increase in followers overnight. According to Twitter, Jenner broke the record for fastest Twitter account to reach one million followers in four hours.

Her new image was trending on Twitter with the hashtag #CallMeCaitlyn. Unfortunately, Twitter trolls began to criticise and mock the new Caitlyn Jenner with abusive tweets, posting and sharing memes using her new image. Yet she showed the world that she does not care as she has become the voice for so many people who struggle with their own identities to be free and embrace their true identity.

Watch This Space

There are rumours she has a reality TV show lined up for the world to see her experience her new life as a woman. It will be interesting to see this Caitlyn in her new form and see what she what her personality is like. The LGBT community are supporting Caitlyn Jenner all the way; let’s witness the great impact she will have on those who are going through similar journeys…

By Natalia Pareja

What do you think to the transformation?

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