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Why you can’t afford to become an invisible business

Most firms have an online presence in some form or another; from a basic website to an all signing all dancing social media channel strategy. Yet it is the fear of being offline, of being unreachable by internet users across the world, which places a greater demand on firms to do more than just be there for people to find.

Ask yourself, how many times have you ever used a website which doesn’t rank on page one of Google for your chosen search term? None? I thought so!

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a term which is thrown around online almost everywhere you turn and sometimes it’s difficult to move for social media ‘gurus’. These people often have very different ideas of how a business can stay in a prime position on the virtual high street, and for many business owners the conflicting advice can be intriguing at best, baffling at worst.

No business can afford to become 'invisible' online

No business can afford to become ‘invisible’ online

What is not in doubt however is the power that coverage in a well-respected media outlet’s website can bring. Most of these website are ranked extremely highly by Google due to their authority and regularly updated content. Therefore, a well-executed PR campaign targeting top online titles can give any company’s Google ranking a real shot in the arm in a very short space of time.

That’s not all either. Online content is much easier to share than print content and with a click of a mouse or a swipe of a finger on a tablet, your story can be passed around the world and back in seconds.

What many reading this will be thinking is this is all well and good but where are the potential customers dying to spend their money on our site? My answer, they’re probably being driven to your website from the interesting new article on’s business section.

In the same way you can’t enter a high street shop if you can’t see it, you can’t or simply won’t click through to a company’s website if you can’t find it online in seconds. This might sound brutal but as internet search algorithms improve and attention spans get shorter, this will only get worse.

I once worked on a campaign which saw 250,000 click-throughs to a client’s website in 24 hours. Even if just one per cent became new customers that’s 2,500 more people in a day – a figure you’d expect is substantially more than for those who read the story in print and bothered to Google the website to visit after.

Any savvy business owner knows the importance of an online presence but most don’t consider the substantial impact to this presence of consistent, on-message coverage in the national media. Maybe it’s time you should?

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