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James Corden The Late Late Show Carpool Karaoke

The Secret to Carpool Karaoke’s Success

Andy Michael looks at the phenomenon of Carpool Karaoke and why this segment has been such a roaring success. On 8 September 2014, US TV network CBS announced that James Corden, originally from Buckinghamshire in the UK, would be succeeding Craig Ferguson as …

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Rio through the eyes of Twitter

Where social leads, the mainstream media has followed in this year’s Olympics The morning after the Olympic bid was secured by Great Britain in 2005, the morning newspaper ’s headlines were adorned with just one word: “London”. This year, however, …

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Should Women Boycott Twitter?

If we can’t rely on Twitter to protect us, is there an argument for removing our contribution? Leslie Jones, comedian and star of the latest Ghostbusters movie has become the latest in a long line of high profile women to …

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Instagram Stories

Instagram vs Snapchat: The Stories Debate

Another day, another social media update! On Tuesday, Instagram rolled out a new feature called Instagram Stories. This feature allows users to upload photos and videos that will disappear automatically after 24 hours. ‘Stories’ sits at the top of your …

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Snapchat Memories

Snapchat: The App for Innovation in Social Media Marketing

  The world of social media is fast paced and ever-changing. You never know when the latest update, trend or social media fad is going to kick off. Case in point: you might remember last week we posted a blog: ‘Make …

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Make it Snappy: Brands Who Got Creative on Snapchat

Amongst established giants like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+, it’s been all too easy for brands to dismiss Snapchat as little more than a niche photo-messaging app for millenials. Founded in 2011 by 3 Stanford University students, the original function …

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Boris Johnson

Watch your tongue: Hitler isn’t a metaphor

Boris Johnson is the latest public figure to follow the time honoured British tradition of associating things that are generally perceived to be bad with Hitler. In most cases, this serves the purpose of causing a splash, getting people talking, …

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The Sun recently took down their paywall.

The fall of the paywall – enjoy it while you can

By Callum Mollison News was born free. Its roots can be traced back to the “Daily Acts”, decreed by Julius Caesar, that were placed on public message boards in Ancient Rome. They contained news on everything from political happenings to …

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‘Image courtesy of franklelion on Flickr’.

Fintech: A Startup By Any Other Name

Fintech is crazy hot right now. Just ask Oscar Williams-Grut. Or Anna Irrerra. With London Technology Week behind us, and the UK’s first fintech unicorns (companies valued at over £1bn) announced, fintech’s popularity is scorching headlines. In fact, it’s burning …

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Pha crowdfunding

Crowdfunding Books and Innovation in Publishing

In the upstart world of social media, crowdfunding has already established itself as one of the most disruptive and creative forces at work. The best-known crowdfunding website, Kickstarter, first launched back in 2009 with the aim to find a ‘new …

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Fintech Powerlist is Important : But Where are the Girls?

City A.M. has published the first Powerlist for Fintech and the result are in. Canary Wharf is full of the real movers and shakers in fintech.  To paraphrase Nutmeg‘s Nick Hungerford: if you dropped Stanford University into London, it would be the fintech …

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Epic strut PHA Media

Money Supermarket’s #EpicStrut: A stroke of genius or just a bit of fun?

We’ve all seen it, the Money Supermarket television advert with “Dave’s” #EpicStrut down the street to Pussycat Dolls anthem (yes, anthem) Don’t Cha, twerks in front of an old lady and has a little run in with Sharon Osborne. All …

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