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Media & Strategic Comms posts

Does the power of celebrity have a place in politics?

Hollywood loves an underdog story. Rocky, Seabiscuit, Trump? Well, perhaps not quite. The world of celebrity (Clint Eastwood aside, no relation) was eerily quiet at Trump’s ascension to the presidency. It seemed a script that even the zaniest Hollywood writer …

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CEO Social Media Presence Online

How to manage a crisis in your business

We are pleased to announce that our resident crisis and reputation management specialist, Tim Jotischky is featured on Talk Business, advising reasons on how to weather a media storm and respond effectively when your business finds itself in the throes …

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National Trust Easter Egg Hunt

An Egg is for everyone, not just for Easter

If it was publicity Cadbury’s were after when they launched their most recent campaign, then this may have been a case of careful what you wish for. As worldwide pressing issues aside, Prime Minister Theresa May today was one of …

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Could Social Media Save English Cricket?

For cricket fans the world over, 2005 evokes every superlative in the cliché book. The Greatest Ashes Series of all time, the series to end all series, theatre on an unparalleled scale in the history of cricket. What a load …

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A Streetcat Named Bob Premiere

After over 2 years of working with James Bowen and Streetcat Bob, the Media Management department reached the pinnacle and unquestionable highlight of their working relationship with the lovable best-selling author and his ginger tomcat. Our team have been with …

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Trump, President, Britain

Clinton v Trump – (and Bob the Builder!)

Mark Lewis from The Brilliant Training Company, looks at whether it’s content or delivery that is the key to great communication. The recent televised debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton gave a fascinating insight into the art of communication.  People …

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Kim Kardashian and the Danger of Snapchat

At around 3am on Monday morning, reality TV star Kim Kardashian was the victim of a terrifying armed robbery, when 5 masked men stormed into her Paris house and stole around £8.5m of jewellery. Johanna Primevert, chief spokeswoman for the …

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Are Universities Losing The Fight For Their Reputation?

University campuses in Britain have historically been associated with a spirit of protest and the exchange of revolutionary and, at times, incendiary ideas. UK citizens enjoy the right to free speech and students have benefitted from the autonomy this has …

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#AlreadyFiltered: Instagram Announces Newsfeed Algorithm

Instagram is changing its newsfeed. In perhaps one of the most pat-on-the-head press releases ever put out on a quiet Tuesday afternoon, Instagram announced plans to start ‘personalising’ the content its users see. With an algorithm. According to the New York …

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Trump, Cruz, Corbyn: Are we witnessing a Political Revolution?

The last ten months have seen a distinctive shift in the world of politics. Since the Conservatives secured a surprising victory in the general election, both the UK and the US are experiencing a trend towards more extreme and ideologically …

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climate change narrative

Changing the Narrative: Is Business Action on Climate Change Believable?

Blizzards in America. Heat waves ‘beyond the limit of human survival’ in the Middle East. Droughts across Australia, Africa, India. Floods bursting through city after city across the UK. Such stories are part of the 20-year-long narrative surrounding global warming, …

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fintech bubble

Double, Double Toil & Trouble; Private Valuations & Fintech Bubble

Every couple of months an article or two regarding the ‘fintech bubble’ floats onto the pages of online and print media. “Are we in a bubble? Will it burst?” fret the writers of such articles. “Are valuations based on real …

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