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What the tech is… Technofeminism

Technofeminism is a multi-disciplinary study of the role that technologies have had in both the advancement and prohibition of gender equality. More specifically, it is the name given to a movement of academics, thinkers, entrepreneurs and women in tech who …

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Measuring success – the importance of transparency between agency and client

We’re now well into Q4 – notoriously the toughest time of year for small and medium-sized businesses – with budgets squeezed, targets to hit and stakeholders to please ahead of the new year. Value for money and a sound return …

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Italy’s Hottest Tech Start-ups

When you think of Italy you may well think of great food, fascinating history or world class central defenders. What you may not think of is a tech hub with many exciting companies looking to disrupt a multitude of fields. …

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How Edinburgh has become London’s rival tech hub

Edinburgh has become synonymous with technology in recent months, and boasts an impressive entrepreneurial pedigree, having been voted entrepreneurial city of the year in 2016. With tech accelerators, such as Seed Haus, picking Edinburgh as their next hot location, the …

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What the tech is…a black hat, a white hat and the grey hats in between?

Hacking is typically synonymised with criminal activity. Ask people the first thing that pops into their head when you say hacking and it’s highly likely they’ll cite Anonymous, WannaCry, or picture teenagers locked up their rooms furiously trying to breach …

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10 Start-Ups to Watch at TechDay London

This Friday, hundreds of the UK’s hottest start-ups will flood to TechDay London, London’s largest start-up event. In anticipation of the show, we’ve handpicked our 10 favourite up-and-coming brands, from virtual personal assistants to miniature medical technology. If you’re a …

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Getting to know… Proptech Influencers

The tech team had an eventful few days at MIPIM last week, meeting some incredible innovators in the sector. Yet one question we were asked by everyone was “how can we engage with influencers?”. With the boom of social media, …

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Spotlight on… MIPIM

The days of the trusted estate agents is gone, with robo-advisors, online platforms and big data taking over the property market. This year, to celebrate all of the recent innovation within the property sector, we wanted to shed some light …

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How To Get A Journalist To Write About Your Company Or Product

The technology industry is an incredibly exciting area to work in with its breaking news often dominating the headlines. But while the public’s appetite for tech is at an all time high, the competition to get coverage in respected publications …

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Tech Team On: Google Pixel 2

This week Google launched their newest flagship smartphones, the Google Pixel 2 and the Pixel 2 XL, exactly a year after it first launched the Pixel phones. We share our thoughts… First things first, when can I get it? The …

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Uber and Out: Uber Loses London Licence

What’s Next for Cab Hailing Apps? With the recent news that TfL have rejected Uber’s renewal of its private hire operator licence, what does the future hold for cab hailing apps? It appears these apps were previously hailed (pun intended) …

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What Does the Future Hold For Peer-2-Peer Lenders?

In the UK today, 99% of all business are classified as SME’s (Small or Medium Enterprise). These companies all start with an idea, a eureka moment of an opportunity just waiting to be grabbed. However, before many of these ideas …

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