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Diane Von Furstenberg’s collaboration with Google Glass

Google’s co-founder Sergey Brin made an unlikely appearance at New York Fashion Week as Diane Von Furstenberg sought to fuse uberchic with ubergeek.

The “DVF Through Glass” project saw the collaboration between DVF and Google to bring to the catwalk “Google Glass”; eyewear that superimposes digital data to enhance, rather than distract from the wearers experience of the moment… and the glasses were donned by models and audience alike.


Image Courtesy of Moral Definition,

Image Courtesy of Moral Definition,

It is not unusual for brands to align themselves with the highly powerful and glamorous fashion world. With the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker being snapped wearing a pair, Google have undeniably added credible fashionability to a project that might otherwise have remained relegated to the realms of the techy-elite.

Sergey Brin was keen to expand Google’s image beyond technology, claiming that “it’s about lifestyle”. We have found the glasses to be oddly stylish; online however, the jury is still out. The brand synergy has been condemned as forced and the design criticised as un-chic. Whilst the glasses have futuristic appeal, we have been left wondering whether the project really did significantly enhance the viewing experience of the show – but will reserve our judgement until the release on Thursday of the short film that used Google Glass to record the creative process of DVF from entirely new perspectives.

Image Courtesy of diTii,

Image Courtesy of diTii,

Social media networks have been abuzz with this exploit; the benefit for Google is stark, if a little too blatant. The real success story here however is for Diane Von Furstenberg. In the shadow of Google’s unsubtle plea to the fashion glitterati; this collaboration has allowed the fashion brand to subtly prove itself as modern, cutting edge and open to innovative suggestion.

"DVF Through Glass"

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