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The Dawn of Instant Pizza – Will Domino’s One-Tap Order Spoil Our Appetite for Variety?

On the world’s most lethargic bank holiday, New Year’s Day, Domino’s launched a canny new feature to let pizza fans instantly request their favourite cheesy order with just the tap of a button.

The new ‘Order Now’ feature for Apple Watch lets Domino’s customers simply tap once to order their usual pizza, with choice, payment and delivery details being pre-loaded – all to allow emergency hangover relief for those of us on the 1st January who just can’t remember where we live.

Image: The Telegraph

Image: The Telegraph


With the advent of the ‘Era of the Smartwatch’ comes the prospect of more restaurants and retailers adopting a ‘one-tap’ solution to our every want and need. Earlier last year, Amazon launched a ‘Dash Button’, a small device to stick to your fridge, wall or other convenient place, which lets you re-order your everyday consumables with just one tap. Coffee, laundry detergent and dog food can all be ordered automatically at the press of a button. A weekly shop may quickly be becoming a thing of the past.

Image: The Verge

Image: The Verge


Technology is enabling instant results – instant information, instant access, instant Pepperoni Passion at 3am. But what does catering for such unapologetic laziness mean for the way we shop now? Will the smartwatch embodiment of ‘The Usual, please’ from Domino’s take off in other areas?

The pizza maker may have plenty of fiery options, but variety is the true spice of life. If we start to adopt the uber-convenience that comes with ‘The Usual’, will we lose our taste for variation?

Ease and simplicity are gold dust for millennials who want to have it all, but we must also embrace those technologies that make sure to combine convenience with an exciting introduction to new and unexpected things in the world around us.

Our client FoodMood, the ‘Tinder for food’ app, shows hungry Londoners a whole range of restaurants that will cater to their current hunger pangs. A second app we work with, WINGiT, is an urban travel app that reveals what local events people are talking about most on social media – a convenient way to find something spontaneous to do tonight, but also nurturing our inherent need for variety that new ‘one-tap’ solutions cut out. Foodie start-up Localboxx offers home-cooked meals for time-poor Londoners to collect on their tube ride home, offering much-coveted ease but also introducing customers to new recipes.

As we move into a year where smartwatches may start to become commonplace, it seems pertinent to remind ourselves of the way such technologies can change our attitudes to the way we interact with everything from food to fashion. With any luck, the emerging technologies we can see taking their first steps at this week’s mammoth tech show, CES 2016, will help us discover and embrace new things, and not just settle for what we already know.

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