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Flapper Fashion

With the upcoming re-make of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel, 1920s ‘flapper’ fashion has found its way back to the catwalk and into the high street.

Image Courtesy of Ahmed Saleh,

Image Courtesy of Ahmed Saleh,

It is difficult to determine what came first – Baz Luhrmann’s announcement of the remake of F.Scott Fitzgerald’s novel, first adapted in 1974 and starring Mia Farrow and Robert Redford. Or fashion’s swing towards the 1920s style.

Either way – we’re elated. Whilst we eagerly anticipate the all-star-cast 3D-epic set for release in December this year, we have been delighted to see drop-waisted and beaded chiffon dresses all over the SS12 catwalks at Ralph Lauren, Gucci and Marni. And now on the high street, particularly at TopShop.


Image Courtesy of Lori Sandstedt,

Image Courtesy of Lori Sandstedt,

Though we have seen very little of the new Gatsby-remake (the odd picture of Carey Mulligan adorned in strings of pearls, a diamond head piece and swathes of fur, we do know that Tiffany have outfitted the cast with jewels inspired by its 1920s archives. Ashley Olsen has also loaned the cast from her collection of vintage dresses.

With cinephiles and fashion lovers alike agast at the prospect – the Great Gatsby is sure to influence our summer fashion choices and christmas cinema going experiences this year!


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  1. I agree – come Christmas everything in the shops will be in the flapper style. I can’t wait to see the film with the gorgeous Leo – you know it’s going to be good if Baz Luhrmann directed it!

  2. I am really really looking forward to the film and seeing how it reflects styling over the party season! I read the book last year so it will be great to see Baz Luhrmanns interpretation of it!

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