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Guide to Ibiza


Image Courtesy of Jose Manuel Casado Sanchez,

Image Courtesy of Jose Manuel Casado Sanchez,

This year Ibiza has certainly seemed to be the holiday destination of choice with not 1 but 5 PHA-ers swapping their desk in not-so-sunny Soho for a luxurious, fun filled week on the White Isle. It is not just PHA who seem to have caught Ibiza fever, ‘Ibiza specials’ have been appearing on the magazine shelves and ‘live from Ibiza’ seems to be radio dj’s favourite phrase. Never one to miss out on the latest craze of fashion and music (my two favourite things) I was the first to jump on this bandwagon with 15 of my nearest and dearest.


What to wear?

Fashion is key in Ibiza especially in finding the perfect collaboration of comfort and glamour on an island seemingly full of beautiful people. Bold colours and prints are vital this summer, and the crop top is most certainly back. Match a pair of high waisted shorts with a bold bra-let or printed cami with some chunky jewellery and some comfortable sandles for instant Ibiza-chic.

Where to stay?

Ibiza is a surprisingly small island and all the main attractions are in affordable taxi distance (especially when you are in a big group). We stayed in a villa on the outskirts town which was perfect for a large group however if you were to travel with a few less people, Playa Del Bossa is certainly the place to be . It is in walking distance of some of the greatest clubs (Space, Uisuaia) and home to Bora Bora beach – in my opinion the most beautiful and lively beach on the island. The town is also a lot more ‘international’ than San Antonio which can often feel like you could be on the Zante-strip.

What to eat and drink?

When in Ibiza you must visit the Sunset Strip in San Antonio. With a huge number of restaurants/bars to choose from in a beautiful setting along the sea front where everyone gets together to watch the sun set it is certainly one of the most beautiful/lively and affordable places to be in Ibiza.  I would particularly recommend Mint for their Calzone (which was bigger than my head) ad Café Mambo for cocktails and music.

Where to party?

As Ibiza is the party capital of the world I can’t forget to mention the best places to go out. Zoo project has been a favourite two years running – although only on till midnight, the opportunity to dress up as an animal and dance in an old abandoned zoo is something not to be missed. Space, Amnesia and Pacha are obvious favourites for the best resident dj’s and biggest dancefloors you have ever seen. I would also recommend Ushuaia, a party hotel better and more luxurious than Ibiza Rocks!

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