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Halloween – A Yearly ‘Treat’ For Retail

With the yearly celebration upon us retailers have been gearing up for the consumer demand for gore.  We look at the why this time of year is so popular and the advantages to retailers hopping on the Halloween bandwagon.

Image Courtesy of Rapunzel new (on and off)

Image Courtesy of Rapunzel new (on and off)

Halloween is a great excuse for kids and adults alike, to have some fun. Whether it’s carving a pumpkin and settling down to a horror film, or going all-out in fancy dress and throwing a party, the consumer demand for themed products at this time of year is ever present. Much like Christmas, Easter and Valentine’s Day, Halloween has become a peak selling time for many retailers, and in recent years dedication to the day of horror has grown tenfold – a Halloween range can be expected from almost any brand to cater for the needs of Halloween-hungry shoppers.


Why is Halloween so popular?

Image Courtesy of a1y53_210, flickr. com

Image Courtesy of a1y53_210, flickr. com

Shoppers are attracted to Halloween because it is a cost effective, affordable yearly celebration. Even in the wake of a recession where many purse strings are tightened, Halloween is an economical way to have some fun – people will spend money so long as there is a real value in what they are buying, and Halloween can deliver on that for little financial sacrifice. The fact that retailers have broadened their Halloween product ranges so significantly throughout the last 20 years has also been a key factor in increase in demand – with a wealth of costumes, decorative items and novelty food, celebrating has never been easier, or cheaper.

In recent years Halloween has been given an even bigger boost thanks to the likes of the Twilight series, and TV shows such as True Blood – the public’s fascination with all things vampire and blood has seen a sharp spike, which has resulted in heightened interest around the seasonal scarefest.

 How are retailers maximising on Halloween?

Image Courtesy of Ichabod H, flickr. com

Image Courtesy of Ichabod H, flickr. com

10 years ago it was estimated that around £12 million was spent by UK consumers on Halloween paraphernalia, now, it is a booming £300 million industry, and it is evident that retailers are all keen to maximise on the profit potential of this hugely popular celebration.

Strategies can vary from dazzling shop window displays in the likes of Clintons and Hallmark, to thematic TV advertising from leading supermarkets dedicated to the spooky season.

Tesco is a prime example of how big retailers are investing in Halloween; in the last week we have seen their TV ads tempting the public with their cost-effective ghoulish treats to the recognisable theme tune of The Adams Family. Even who are better known for their fashion and home ware offering are jumping on the bandwagon by dedicating an entire section of their website to their top Halloween picks; ranging from gruesome sweet buckets to elaborate fancy dress costumes. Across the media Halloween-themed product placement features offer PRs a great opportunity to promote their spooky products.

With the abundance of product and such an appetite for celebration, Halloween has cemented its place as a popular annual festivity – and whilst it may scare the nation, it is anything but scary for retailers.

Hopping on the Halloween bandwagon?

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