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Happy 80th Birthday Revlon

It was one very special 80th birthday this weekend – my Grandad’s! So a very happy brithday to Grandad Tony! His celebrations happen to fall at the same time as another big 80th birthday – Revlon – probably a more appropriate blog topic.

Image Courtesy of Hashtag Malwela,

Image Courtesy of Hashtag Malwela,

In 1932 Charles Revlon invented the first ever coloured nail enamel and, luckily for us, Revlon cosmetics was born! Now, 80 years on, Revlon is still one of the most successful and celebrated cosmetics brands in the world, bringing a (perfectly lipglossed) smile to women everywhere.

Like most girls, in the PHA fashion and lifestyle office we’re partial to a bit of make-up, with some desks being particularly clustered by various different shades of nail polish. On this memorable anniversary it seemed important to look back at the fabulous and slightly tempestuous journey of Revlon.

Image Courtesy of poundsdwayne47,

Image Courtesy of poundsdwayne47,

Famously, Revlon takes claim for the growth and success of Cindy Crawford’s career; the super-hot, super-model acted as the face of Revlon for a memorable 11 years. The bare-faced beauty soared to success with the cosmetic company as they often argue they ‘made’ her. Their relationship took a controversial turn, however, when Revlon infamously dropped the model and cancelled her contract claiming she was ‘too boring’ to front the campaign. A spokesperson for Revlon argued it was ‘time to move on’ and move on they did! A hoard of A-listers have been hired by the company, the most recent celebrities include Olivia Wilde and Emma Stone offering a fresh, Hollywood glamour to Revlon.

Ronald Perelman, the playboy Chairman of Revlon, is something of a renowned name. Sitting comfortably on the American rich list in 26th place, he has an estimated wealth of $12 billion…very comfortable indeed. With a string of 5 ex-wives and 8 children, Perelman’s private life has been widely publicised, but as a result of some terrific personal PR, his reputaton does not seem to have affected the credabilty of the brand.

So here’s to Revlon and to what we hope will be another 80 years of fab cosmetics!

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